I am 31 weeks pregnant with my second child. With my first birth I hadnt gotten that educated on the benefits of natural labor. My first time around, I remember going to the midwife and she had checked that I was 1 Centimeter dialated, this was when I was around 38 weeks. The day I knew I was in labor came a week earlier than expected, and I only knew it was happening because my water broke. When I got to the hospital they checked my cervix and it was still only at 1 centimeter. I was there for about 20 some hours my cervix wasnt progressing, then they decided to induce me..and I only got to 3 cm before I was rushed in for an emergency c section. I HATED THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE. now I understand i wasnt progressing, which is why they decided to induce me..but I was trying to figure out some ways of "rippening my cervix" this time around?????. I have heard of membraine sweeps, drinking certain teas, eating pineapple..I was wondering which kind of things help your cervix prepare and what doesnt...I also want to do this all natural which im really scared of but I cant bare to think of all the drugs and going under anesthesia, and coming home feeling really crappy, and not even remembering most of it. so i also wanted to know which methods of natural ways to handle pain worked for other mothers out there??

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My doctor stripped my membranes with my first son at 38 weeks causing me to go into labor exactly 12 hours later, however, I ended up having a 36 hour labor with pitocin. I just don't think he was ready to come out. This time, I planned a homebirth- took evening primrose oil, 5W tablets, and at 39 weeks had sex (which gave me false labor that night), had sex again 2 nights later and then went into labor and had my 2nd son 12 hours later. VERY different experiences. My thinking was very positive my entire pregnancy but there were a couple of times where I thought based on my first experience, maybe I can't progress on my own - not true!



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