Hi Everyone!

Things are finally starting to come together for my website, the resource and directory for natural-focused fertility, pregnancy, birthing, and baby professionals and services. The site is meant to help women and couples who are seeking natural health practitioners and medical practitioners (who have an open mind about alternative therapies) when it comes to helping them with their fertility, pregnancy, birth, and baby care.

PLEASE support me and my website by signing in as a visitor, or if you are someone who works with fertility, pregnancy, birth, or babies, and you support what the website is all about, fill out the advertiser's form... it's all free, so no worries! Just visit www.NaturalBabyPros.com, and follow the 'Visitor' or 'Advertiser' links to the side.

Also, I have attached an introductory letter addressed to natural-focused fertility, pregnancy, birth, and baby professionals, describing the website in a bit more detail, our goals, and more. Please read it and send it along to anyone you think might be interested in being a part of this wonderful resource and directory!

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to keeping you updated on my new website!


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