Need advice fellow moms!!-Prefolds......are not as scary as I thought!! : )

So I have been posting a lot of comments, asking questions, about cloth diapering as soon as I decided I wanted to do this with my future 2nd child. As I have delved deeper & deeper into the amazing & obsessive world of CD, I have changed my mind or thought I made up my mind a lot on what kind of cloth diaper I prefer to go with. As you all know the world of cloth diapering can be VERY overwhelming, there's so much!!! AIO or AI2 was the obvious answer at first (as I am sure it's most appealing to newbies). Definitely OS diapers & I new I was avoiding prefolds at all costs & even cloth wipes (I was going to at least use the most environmentally friendly type)!! Than I moved to OS pockets & thought I found my perfect fit. Next I discovered cloth wipes weren't that bad or "scary" either, so I'm going with cloth wipes (a new little obsession I'm excited about). Than the next challenge was do I invest in newborn size diapers or just OS?? Oh this has been agonizing.......but the consensus of nearly everyone who has had experience with CDs is go with newborn size at first because the OS are just too big for newborns. Ok so this was a bit daunting because that's a bigger investment for such a short time (3 months on average).  Well than I looked into newborn rentals & came across the most economical deal at earthcrunchymom(I'll get back to the idea of "most economical", which is one of the reasons moms choose CDs!). I was looking at the options & saw that you can mix them up with various types & brands of CDs or there's a prefold only package. Than I started to look around on her website & came across some prefolds for sale (I think they are called baby kick hemp prefolds?). Well........they are so cute!!! I know they are the absolutley most economical way to cloth diaper, right ladies?? The snappis make them easy & I was watching a few videos on YouTube on the ways to fold them, doesn't seem that hard! Just like cloth diapering in general, at first seems so hard or complicated but it's all really easy. So, I know it's crazy, but I think I might actually go with prefolds & covers instead of everything else!!! From where I started to now looking atthe most old fashion way of doing it I guess, is surprising but I'm actually excited!! So I do have a few questions for those who use prefolds or ever have:


1. So for those of you who have tried prefolds, what are your thoughts on it??

2. Who exclusively prefolds & loves it!!? : )

3. Is it really the cheapest, most frugal, most economical...however you want to say it lol, way to cloth diaper?

4. This is an important question-what's the difference between "prefolds" & flats"?? Price-wise too?

5.What's the best way to get poopy off of them?

6.Finally, what are some techniques on folding them as this was the most intimadating part of it all-I was worried I wouldn't fold them right therefore they wouldn't work properly)??

**Please, please add links to pictures or videos of different folding techniques if you know of any. Thank you!


thank you so much fellow mammas for your help & guidance!! : )

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A couple more questions to add (sorry):

1. Cotton, hemp/cotton, bamboo, etc.-what's the best prefold materialwise??

2. What brands offer OS prefolds and/or covers, and is it better to do "sized" for prefolds & covers or OS?


Also for wool covers/soakers as cute & nice as they would be, they seem kinda difficult oe time consuming with having to hand wash them & "laonize" them (I know I'm way off on the spelling haha). So what r your thoughts? I know people rave about how much they love them but when it comes to cleaning...seems like too much.

Ok, so I'm actually really considering wool despite the lengthy wash process because they are a natural, biodegradable fabric & are EXTREMELY absorbent-great for nighttime or heavy wetters! They are very soft (great for any season) and only have to be washed once a week or couple of weeks (as long as they don't get soiled). I know they can be very expensive but there are a ton of cute, inexpensive ones on Etsy by WAHMs : ) So what are your thoughts ladies on using wool covers or longies versus PUL covers?? Any advice about wool covers/soakers? Oh and what does "interlock" mean?? Thanks!

I love prefolds now. WhenI had my so I just had the Gerber prefolds, thinking they would be fine. I ended up cutting and sewing them together to make them more absorbant and after he was done I just chucked them. I have BG 3.0 and 4.0 that I use with my daughter. I also have "real" prefolds and there is no comparison to what I had before.  I use them with wool covers for leak free nights. 

When you mix prefolds with great wahm made wool covers (or ones you make) prefolds are really the cheapest way to go.  Flats require more folding and sometimes aren't as absorbant as prefolds. Though they dry really really stinking fast.  For poops, I have  diaper sprayer, before that I just did the ole swish an dunk in the toilet with a diper duck (squeegie thingie) and popped them into the diaper pail.

Folding is only tricky the first few times. On prefolds, I fold down one of the ends to make the rise correct, then fold in the sides. I use a snappi to fasten. They aren't bullet proof when it comes to poop and after even using pockets, there are just some poops that are like an Atom Bomb. Nothing is spared regardless of how good the fit is.

I use the website for all my diaper info. Good luck!

Thank you for your reply! Oh no worries, if I ever experience any poop explosions or leaks (which I know are rare with CDing-which is one reason why it's awesome!!) it will be nothing like my son in disposables as a newborn I'm sure. With disposables of course, there are tons of poop out the back & side explosions and leaks, I was changing his outfit maybe 4-6 times a day at first! Ugh. With CDing I know I won't really have to worry about that : ) Just an added bonus to this system of diapering. I'm really excited about using prefolds & know I will get the hang of it fast (I've been practicing with a bear a few times, like in a really great prefold folds tutorial video on Youtube).



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