Need advice from those who have suffered a miscarriage....

Hello everyone,


Tragically, I experienced a miscarriage on March 10 at 10 weeks pregnant. On march 23 it completely stopped.  On April 6, I started feeling period cramps and such.  On april 8, I started bleeding, but it didn't look like a period.  It was brown, dark red and black with a thick consistency and its not constant bleeding.  Its mainly when I use the bathroom I see the discharge.  Today is April 12 and Im still spotting.  


Is this normal to have a miscarriage, bleed for a few weeks, stop bleeding for a few weeks, and then start bleeding again?  


Thank you,



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Have you seen your primary doctor? I suffered a miscarriage at 14 weeks, and had bleeding on and off for about 2 weeks before they decided to do a D&C. The D&C went smoothly for me, and I felt better with the decision to have it done rather than suffer through the normal passing of a miscarriage. Maybe you could speak to your primary about this, if it would make you feel better?



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