There is a lady on a message board I am on and she was attempting a homebirth for her 9th baby (has homebirthed before). There was a problem and she was rushed to the hospital where they found the problem - Amniotic Fluid Embolism

She is in a deep depression right now and has media and a certain message board instigating the media, they are attacking her calling it a "bathtub birth" and how if she had been in the hospital the baby would still be here. But she was in the hospital and they do not know when the embolism happened.

She wants the real story out there, please help us.

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I am so sorry for the sadness your friend must be experiencing right now. To lose a child has to be have to defend yourself and your choices in the midst of it.....I can't even imagine! It must be torture to read "the other side"s version of the story and not able to rebut right then and there. Perhaps she can write her story from her perspective in a blog or something that can be posted on the internet. The great thing about Facebook and other social networking sites is that blogs can and are linked to all the time and it could be spread that way, perhaps. It would be nice if those in the media would truly seek to get "both sides of the story" and seek her out, but who knows if that will ever happen. Regardless of if her story ever gets "out there" it probably would be very therapeutic for her to write it down for herself. Of course, it might not be the right time as of didn't say when this happened, but it sounds like its pretty recent. She may just need time to grieve now and tell her story later.

Bravo to you, though, for being a supportive and caring friend....she needs lots of that right now!
She had a blog up and wrote about what happened and this evil message board I eluded to - they are the ones who are blaming her and tearing her down. Midwives are not "legal" in her state & they are saying she, the midwife and her DH should be arrested. One of the ladies on the evil message board has stalked her, and had the gall to bring her a birthing ball and then brag and bad mouth her on this other board.

All the ppl on our cloth diapering board are very supportive and are outraged at this. They elected me and a couple others to try to get help, my first thought was Ricki {Lake}. All of the news outlets have reported on this, they have put her name and even her address out there for all to see. Here is the link to the latest news story (hope it is OK to link):,0,636052...

Ricki - if you read this, I tried to tweet you, but unsure about most of twitter - please contact me.
A detective showed up at her door this evening. Can anyone please help?



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