Hello all,
so I have a paper due SOON for my psychology class and I'm totally stressin! Obviously my topic is home birth but I'm not quite sure how to begin. I've done plenty of research even before I picked the topic because it interests me, but I'm just terrible at writing papers. Could anyone suggest a thesis statement for me? Any other help or suggestions would be appreciated too.
Thanks in advance!

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Which aspects of home birth have you researched? Was it the rate of interventions, negative outcomes, or transfers? Was it types of care providers who still attend modern home births? Was it the current legal status of home birth midwives in your state? Or the socioeconomic status of the majority of home birth midwifery clients? How a society's belief system can have real effects on the experience of childbirth? How the medical model used in hospitals differs from the midwifery model used in a home environment? And how those models contribute a mother's reception of a positive experience? I kinda need to know what specific info you've collected before I can suggest a thesis statement. I once read a well-written college paper that stated: "(1) experience with planned midwife-attended home birth has been as good as with hospital birth; (2) theoretical arguments for safety can be made on both sides, pro-hospital and pro-planned home birth; (3) midwives' strength in prenatal care reduce premature deliveries." I thought this was a neat thesis. This 4-pg paper was supported by a list of 18 different sources nicely organized in a simple bibliography. Good luck. Tell me what kind of ideas you've been kicking around & I'll try to help you formulate a clear thesis statement.



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