Just interested in hearing about how some have responded to your choice in home birth.
Surprisingly, the people I would imagine backing me most on my (emphasis, my) choice of a home birth have responded the worst. 

Do you ramble off study after study on the benefits of home birth? Do you ignore their crazed rampages? Or do you simply not clue them in to your decision?

Finally after hearing enough and explaining enough, I just point them in the direction of Business of Being Born ;) or I just say, "we're doing it in the garage, in the dogs crate" - that shuts them up pretty quickly.

I'm telling you, these are the days I am thankful most of our family is 600 miles away --so we don't have to deal with "interventions" of another kind ;)

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My husband and I decided to have a home birth with our second (ONLY TWO MONTHS AWAY!!!) My mom is on board 100%, she is familier with it all because she used to be all Le Leche League Leader. My dad is fine with it, but he is a pain wuss and doesn't like the idea of me being in agony. My m-i-l isn't quite sure how she feels. She is of the mindset that birth is safest in the hospital. She watched BBB with me, but she just isn't completely there. Gratefully she hasn't made any comments, but I'm sure she is to her friends. It's frustrating, but what I can say that has helped me is that I waited until my "Bubble" was built up and strong against any negativity. That's all I can do, I can't make people change their minds, but at least I'm not rattled.
Be Strong and remind yourself that you are doing it for yourself and your baby. Good Luck!!

Before I got pregnant, I mentioned to my sister and my mother that i really want a home birth when the time comes. My sister who is a nurse in the NICU, just started yelling at me- no joke. Calling me stupid and telling me I will probably end up killing the baby. My mom jumped right on board. When I began to tell them that I have done my research, they told me I don't know anything. My mother had to finally leave the room because she was so upset.


A couple months after the conversation, I am pregnant. I have not brought up the topic yet. I don't think I will until I find my midwife- if even then.


Luckily I have a husband and a sister in law who are both totally supportive of the decision. : )

Though I obviously don't agree with how your sister reacted, I have found that people who are nurses and only deal with babies who are in dire care like in the NICU have a different mentality about birthing. It's not her fault because thats all she knows. All you can do is ask her to be respectful and know that you are smart enough to make an informed decision. Also remind her that women have only been giving birth in hospitals the last 100 years, before that everyone was born at home. Good Luck!


Nacia (Moms in Boyland)


Just read your story on Babble. Really fantastic :) Additionally, I'm lost in the boy world! Our four children are all boys. We have a male dog, and two females (not that they're any help to me!). *sigh*- right there with you, girl!

I have only gotten negative responses from people who don't know me. Everyone else is either amazed and supportive, or shocked but polite. I feel like every woman should make an informed choice, whatever she wishes to do. Unfortunately I think a lot of women criticize us because they are not informed, or envy not having the experience we did. Check out the article I wrote for Babble.com about my home birth http://www.babble.com/pregnancy/giving-birth/home-birth-story-natur....


Nacia (Momsinboyland.com)

Hello wonderful ladies. Wow. I cannot believe this thread is still going on strong! I've been enjoying reading all of the updates and I hope you are all having wonderful home births, or on your way to delivering soon.

If any of you have posted your birth stories anywhere, I'd love to read them.


Our little guy is now almost 9 months old. I posted my birth story/blog earlier in the thread. I am happy to say that my Mother In Law's opinion changed dramatically by being here to witness the process. She herself was born at home as were her siblings back in Honduras. So I found her initial off-put attitude a little confusing.


Anyhow, she was really excited not only to be here, but at the ease and safety of the entire process, the welcoming attitudes and support of the midwife and her team, and the fact that all of our other children could be here from moment one. 


My own mother, on the other hand, was not present for the birth and I doubt she bothered to read my blog of the experience.  She is glad things went smoothly but I am sure her attitude has not moved a single degree in favor of homebirth. It's unfortunate but, I am understanding, just her nature.


Blessings to you all,




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