Did i miss hear a while back because I'm sure I didn't. I'm signed up to recieve my regular e-mail for the BOBB website and a few months ago I remember Ricki and Abby went to go see Ina May Gaskin for the upcoming second BOBB due sometime in may or june [somewhere close to that]. Does anyone else know about this or am i completley wrong and have been totally thrilled no reason for the past 6 months or so =(

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We are still working on the follow up film and have decided to release some sneak peek sections as webisodes on this site in June. The full film will most likely be available now in the early fall.
OMG, now I'm even more pumped! It's like finding out all over again. I just got the shivers when I read that. I love you guys, you have made such a difference to the birthing community. Words can't explain how much it all means to me.



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