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James Clapp's book "Exercising Through Your Pregnancy" is a also good resource and is based on his own research with athletes who become pregnant. Sounds like this new study is very similar to Clapp's. Clapp found that the effects of not exercising are significant and long term for both the mother and baby, at levels which surprised me even though I already assumed exercise was beneficial. He also takes heart rate recommendations to task and offers more specific guidelines for active women or women starting exercise programs. It's the only advice I have found so far that is scientifically based and clearly explained. And no, I don't know him!
Thanks for posting! I love working out all the time, and have continued to keep it up during pregnancy as well. During the first trimester, I took time off because I was so sick. But, now I'm back into my 20 minute cardio/10 minute weight routine 3-4x a week (which my doctor told me was safe to do since it was something I did before becoming pregnant)



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