Newly pregnant? Banish pregnancy insomnia tonight with our free GentleBirth Mp3

Most Moms experience some level of insomnia during pregnancy and combined with extreme tiredness it can make those first few weeks an emotional rollercoaster.  Poor sleep quality during pregnancy is linked with a higher risk of preterm labor in a study published this month.


Fortunately GentleBirth Mums experience deep levels of restorative rest frequently as self hypnosis has been shown to be very effective in reducing insomnia.


If you are experiencing sleep problems and would like to test drive the GentleBirth program please send me your email address and I will send you the GentleBirth Early Pregnancy Relaxation Mp3.  This Mp3 is normally part of the full GentleBirth homestudy program but is free for the month of November.

Enjoy some well deserved rest tonight.



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This seems really interesting.  I think ANY meditation, no matter when, is incredibly helpful.


I remember not being able to sleep well at first-- I was so EXCITED!   The turning point for me when I was just pregnant was when I told my mother--  I think keeping that secret, even for 5 weeks, made it even harder to sleep :-)  Thanks for bringing back that memory-- it's fun to remember it.



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