I am part of a new company called Pida Infant and Maternity Products, located in Nova Scotia Canada.
With my business partner's need for a breastfeeding aide/ accessory and my design influence, we came up with Heartstring Baby's Companion.
My business partner had 2 children born prematurely, with allergies to formula, so she had to breastfeed them, and for a long period of time. After a few months they got quite active, and she found it difficult to keep the girls focused on nursing. This is where our Heartstring Baby's Companion came to be. We searched high and low for safe, non toxic, eco friendly "nursing necklaces " (as they are called), but found nothing that we felt confident in using, so we designed our own.

With the help of Dalhousie University's CAD CAM Centre we developed a safe, eco friendly and non toxic breastfeeding aide, completely sourced in North America, and manufactured here in Nova Scotia. We also created a special breakaway clasp that releases at only 5 bls pressure and then just simply re-attaches. This clasp was designed incase baby pulls too hard on the pendant, and also a reassuring safety feature incase baby happens to wear it. ( to be worn by children 3 years and up)

I've explained all this to say that, surprisingly, parents of special needs children are purchasing this very same product as fidget toys. With all the safety features its great for class and recess!

If you would like any more info, look up www.heartstringcompanions.com or please feel free to contact me at any time.



Danica Surette

HeartString Baby's Companion
Pida Infant & Maternity Products Ltd.
Pubnico, Nova Scotia, CANADA
ph: 902-762-0186 | toll free: 1-888-818-5004 / fax (902) 762 0420

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