OB/GYN Clinic Openly Anti-Doula, Anti-Natural Birth, Anti-"Birth Contract"

This is in the area where I live. The main OB at this office is known to local natural birth advocates, and I have heard about his anti-doula sentiments. However, I had NO idea they have this sign posted in their office! I am sickened by it.

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I know these docs, and they are honestly really nice guys:) But I would never go to them for a birth. Well, actually there is just one I wouldn't go to. But this doctor is also the only reason that the nurse midwifes are able to deliver at the hospital there. They are their backups. I would love to see them change their policies! From what I've seen of them, they just don't get why women would do a natural birth. I think it's interesting that the sign they had, made it seem as if having a doula, a birth contract, or used the Bradley method could put your babies life in danger. Go figure.
I'm glad they're up-front about their policy, even though I don't like it at all. What sickens me is the wording on the sign. Just as you said, it makes it sound like those things increase risk to the mother and baby.
Is an epidural required? It makes it sound like some sort of pain control it manditory. What about women who may be stuck with this group due to HMO insurance? If other Drs do this then will there come a time that women have to cross state lines to get a natural birth? Perhaps we will have to fly to Puerto Rico. Oh wait you cant fly in the last trimester.
i guess they can put up whatever sign they want. It IS a free country, for now.
Well at least he is honest so women have a fair chance to protect themselves and their babies!
I am very sad to see such a wall posting but I'm happy they are at least honest to people that they do not belive in natural birth. I am a firm beliver Honesty is the best policy. This also probably helps thier office get the type of clients they want to deal with from a buisness aspect.
Check this out:

PhotoShop Contest: The Anti-Doula Sign in the Utah Obstetrician’s O...

The entries are great!

I do feel bad for the women who don't know any better...
Here's an article about the sign, and the doctor's response to the internet buzz about it:

Clinic's Sign About Choice, Provider Says
from this article:

"Generally the mother agrees with the doctor, in the rare case that she doesn't, there is a line of authority to override the mother's wishes"

I know!
Authority my butt, the patient is the one who pays, she holds the authority.

Honest or not, the sign makes me mad. The wording makes it sound like those things are harmful to unborn babies, and some women may not know any better.
This is exactly why woman need to be educated! We are free-thinking people not robots. Please let's put these people out of business ladies, do not have your baby with a doctor who will treat you this way!!!



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