I'm 12 weeks and have a wonderful midwife, but at about week six I developed hyperemesis and SEVERE constipation.  Things went past the point of our natural remedies and I considered it to be a medical situation...fearing that I could have a bowel obstruction.  So I went to see my OB.  The nurse I dealt with was very cool, telling me she had a VBAC with a midwife for her second birth and that she thought as long as the baby and I were healthy that I was doing the right thing.  The OB didn't say much but repeatedly mentioned that I needed to make an appointment and become an "OB patient"  He didn't take me all that seriously when I said I really hadn't had a good bowel movement in over a month.  He made jokes and said to use metamucil and that it would take up to 10 days for results.    10 days???  I was there because things were urgent already!!

Seven days passed and the metamucil wasn't working at all, in fact it seemed to be making things worse.  I was bloated and in a lot of pain and still NO bowel movements.  I called their nurse line for help and began a round of phone tag trying to get the "cool" nurse.  Finally the receptionist let it slip.  She said, "Have you been seeing us for your prenatal care?"  I said, "No, I have a midwife and only saw the doctor because I felt things with my digestive system had crossed a line into needing medical attention."  I got a huff and a grunt and she promptly told me that they couldn't help me.  Nice.  

Forget that I may have had a bowel obstruction, and that toxins build up in your body after nearly a month of little or no bowel movements.  They couldn't help me.

To wrap this story, I stopped the metamucil and I ended up using a combination of tricks recommended by my midwife and a good friend who is an RN and herbalist. It wasn't pretty, but I got some relief.   I'm doing better now and even thought the OB keeps calling to "check on me" I'm not answering the phone.  

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