I know that it's only a guess.....sigh. Yesterday was my due date and today I'm still pregnant. I feel so wiped out and grumpy--not because I'm still preg. it's just that's how I feel. Well, maybe it is because I'm still pregnant.....?

Any of you moms/midwives/doulas have some words of wisdom to share?

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Well the majority of first babies are at least a week late. When i work with my doula clients I usually tell them to expect to be 10 days late and if they are any earlier than that it is a treat. We get so focused on that due date that is can be a big let down when it doesn't happen on the day.
I understand. :)

Breathe easy, relax, and focus your thoughts on accepting that your baby will come when it is the right time. Talk to your baby, (which will help your own self-talk to be more positive) and say you are ready and you are excited to meet. Tell your baby you know it will come when it is ready.

Stay positive! Soon you will have that little one in your arms!
Thank you. I feel like I have had a really good pregnancy over-all and I enjoy being pregnant for the most part :)
I'm sure that part of this is recent stress. We just had to bury my FIL on Sunday/Fathers Day. He drowned last Wednesday. Of course I was stressed and praying that the baby would wait til after the weekend.....
Emotionaly, I am having some ups and downs related to our loss of beloved PaPa. Emotional ups and downs related to late pregnancy. People keep say stuff like "you poor thing to have to go through something like this so close to the baby coming". Well, I didn't think that it was any worse on me than anybody else. Espesially since I'm just an in-law. It's bound to be much worse for my husband and his siblings! Sigh.....I was looking forward to getting back to "normal". I'm afraid now there just isn't a normal to get back to. We'll have to find some new normal. (tears) Sorry, I didn't mean to do this.....
My father-in-law was great. I couldn't have asked for better. Couldn't have asked for a better PaPa for my kids. (I don't have a relationship with my dad, so this was all the more special to me.)
Let it all out hun. Our bodies know when we are stressed or upset and it can actually stop labor from happening or stall it during the process. So cry, scream, do whatever you need to do to to let those emotions out and work through them.
Oh I remember being where you are. :0 As a doula, I sometimes feel like my mantra is "the baby will come when he/she is ready." I told my midwife that it felt like I was eating my words.

Your baby WILL come, and you feel glad that you waited. Veg out like crazy, and do everything you will be unable to do. Find a way to enjoy the last days of your pregnancy, and you will have your baby before you know it.
I remember all too well what it felt like toward the end even thought it was 29 years ago! I was not able to sleep, stand up, or sit down I was so uncomfortable. I was riding my bike all over town as that was the only way I could be happy! I would try to hit every bump hoping to shake the baby loose! My friends thought I was crazy. I think swimming would be good too but I don't like chemicals. I had no lake to go to. I think Mother Nature knows best. If we felt good we would never want to give birth! She always has a plan! Enjoy your last days as much as you can because you will have precious few quiet times once the baby comes.



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