One-Third of First Time Mothers End up with Cesareans, New Study Finds

For years, ACOG has blamed REPEAT cesareans for the high rates of surgical births in the US. This study suggests that the problem lies in the extremely high rate of first-time mothers undergoing cesareans--nearly 1 in 3!
Another interesting finding was that nearly half (44%) of these mothers had their labor induced, and many of the cesareans were performed before the mother had reached 6 cm cervical dilation. This induction rate is much higher than ACOG's previous statistics showing rates around 22% (which I always suspected was not accurate, based on anecdotal evidence from friends' and family members' births).
Interesting stuff!

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This is interesting stuff...pretty sad too. I think we we could lower the induction rate then the C-section rate would go down. If only we could start believing that babies know when to come out.

Thanks for sharing this article!

Alice Turner
Owner and Doula
Why is it that this information does not light a fire under women and expectant fathers, society as a whole! How can we walk around believing that roughly half of all women have some medical complication that means labor needs to be induced. Or that 1/3 of all women are so broken that they cannot manage to deliver a baby?

What is wrong with us? Are we so brainwashed that we just blindly trust, even when all evidence and common logic contridicts the information we are being given?

How sad for us. For women that are mislead by those entrusted to do whats best for her & her baby. For father's that have turned over the care and lives of the women they love and their unborn child. For society as a whole that we have become so complacent as to allow this to continue. And most of all the the ACOG. the Maternity Care system as a whole, those agencies charged with making sure medicine is regulated to ensure safety, and the doctors that ignore the evidence, deny the problem and perpetuate the lies that allow this to continue.



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