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I've just launched our new 65 min documentary film about doulas: DOULA! THE ULTIMATE BIRTH COMPANION (now available on DVD on Amazon.com - here's the link: http://amzn.to/cMu4W7 ).

Showing three really positive doula-supported births plus the work of postpartum doulas, it's a perfect video resource for doulas. Here's a link to the video trailer on Youtube:

I'm on a personal mission to help raise awareness of doulas globally as I truly believe:

If more people know about doulas =
more people hire doulas =
more people have better positive births =
the world is a better happier place!

I was wondering if anyone knew of the best forums (aside from obviously the wonderful My Best Birth!), discussion groups, facebook groups, twitter groups etc that I could connect with to help doulas become aware of the film. I would love doulas around the world to host their own screening in their local area so that the word DOULA soon becomes a household term globally!

Would love to know what you think. Thank you.

Toni Harman, DOULA! THE ULTIMATE BIRTH COMPANION film producer / director

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Oh wow! Congratulations! I think doulas are great for what they offer women. I'd LOVE to get involved with this on my site. I've already set up a midwife directory and I'm working on a doula directory. I'd love to be an affiliate and sell the video through my site....

My Natural Motherhood Journey
Love your responses. Thank you. And yes, Chante (and anyone else)- that's brilliant that you are setting up a doula directory and yes please, would love you to sell the film through your site!

I second Alldoulas.com. There is also a huge Yahoo group hosted by CBI.

Also, I am the owner of www.YourDoulaBag.com and would be happy to talk with you about selling the film on my site. My FB page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Atlanta-GA/YourDoulaBag/314184147501. You could post something to my wall.
Hi Alice,

Many thanks for your message and yes, thanks for wanting to sell the DOULA! film from your site. That's brilliant. Will email you about this later.

And yes, in the meantime, thanks for suggesting I write on your wall. Will do!

Lots of best wishes,

Just so you know, I've already seen your trailer on facebook, so it's making the rounds:) Great idea, btw.



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