I have polycystic ovary syndrome. To get pregnant with my son, it only took one month of 50mg of Clomid. It's proving to be more difficult this time. We've been trying for a year and a half. I tried Vitex and soy isoflavones and never ovulated. I lost 40 pounds. I took 50mg of Clomid for three months. For two months, I have taken Femara, induced ovulation with Ovidrel, and had intrauterine insemination. This month, my doc is out of town, so we're just doing Femara, ovulation predictors, and timed intercourse.

I feel like I've done everything right and it's not working. Is there anything else I can do, maybe something that will boost the effectiveness of the Femara? I feel like there has to be something more I can do.

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I dont have PCOS but my husband and I battled infertility for almost 6 full years. it took IVF to give us our miracle and im now just waiting for him to arrive. I know that a lot of people dont agree with or like IVF but for us it was the only way for me to carry our child. It was no more unpleasant than any other treatment in my opinion.
There may be other treatments for your PCOS available.... have hope!
My best friend has PCOS. When she was TTC she & I did a fair amount of research. What we found was that blood sugar has a lot to do w/the fertitlity issues that often arise. I am not familiar w/the meds or their uses but her doc talked to her about putting her on Metformin if she did not get PG w/in 3 months of trying. Not really sure about the specifics but this website has info about that particular med and how/why it works

Maybe it will be useful information for you. Good luck and don't lose hope.
Forgot to mention I'm also on Metformin. It's been a big help in losing weight, but (obviously) hasn't helped me get pregnant. IVF isn't an option for us because we can't afford it and to be honest, we can't foresee ever being able to afford it. Also, we don't qualify for adoption (even if we could afford it) for various reasons. So if various meds and/or IUI don't work, we're out of luck.
I do not have a diagnosed medical problem. But we spent 8 years TTC. We never attempted to find out why or get fertility treatments. Finally, I came to terms w/the fact that my daughter (from a previous relationship) would be an only child and that I had been blessed with at least 1 child. As I came close to reaching my 30th bday, my husband & I started discussing our options. He decided that he would get tested and we would go from there. As the weeks passed, I began feeling sick and very tired. It never occured to me that I could be PG. But I was. I was PG when we had our discussion, I just didn't know it. I have no idea why it took so long or what changed that allowed me to concieve. But my "miracle baby" will be 4 in Jan.

Since then we have not used any birth control. We weren't trying TTC, just assumed that "lightning never strikes the same place twice" and the chances of me concieving were almost none--I means it took 8 years the first time right? I am expecting again in Feb.

Don't give up. Miracles often don't happen on our timeframe, but are part of a "grander plan." Keep trying and stay positive. Good luck and my thoughts will be with you!



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