I'm into my second cycle of charting and being off of birth control pills and I seem to be ovulating late in the cycle. Last cycle was day 21 and this cycle will be around the same or later. My luteal phase last cycle was only 8 days. I know this isa side effect of getting off of birth control pills and getting back to what is normal for my body, but I was curious how long this normally takes. I'm scared to try and get pregnant if my luteal phases aren't long enough. I've read that this can cause miscarriages. Just curious how long it took some others to get back to normal luteal phases and whether your ovulation got earlier in the cycle of just stayed the same.


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Hey, I just saw this post...not sure how things are going for you, but one thing you can try is a progesterone cream in the meantime. Be sure it is something natural—people at the health food or herbal store can help you. This can help lengthen your luteal phase. And, if you do get pregnant you might think about having your progesterone level checked as soon as you get a positive test. An OB can order this for you or you can go to an independent lab (we have one in our area called Any Lab Test Now). Miscarriages happening because of shortened luteal phases occur because of inadequate progesterone. If you are pregnant and low on progesterone, you can get a NATURAL (make sure it's not synthetic) progesterone Rx called Prometrium from your doc or get Progon B online (my chiropractor says it's the same thing), which doesn't require an Rx.

Hope that helps!

P.S. Of course I am not a doctor, just an "NFP guru" and have had experience with low progesterone/short luteal phases and the various methods to rectify it.
A great PG cream is Organic Excellence. www.organicexcellence.com
Thanks so much for your help:) I am looking into a few options that could help lengthen my lp and keep those temps high.
MJ, if you do have low progesterone in your luteal phase after ovulation, you should have a doctor find out what your progesterone level truly is. I had low progesterone prior to conceiving and was actually prescribed HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadatropin) to help with the issue of a little brown spotting before starting my next cycle (period). Dr. Thomas Hilgers actually is who I have as my doctor and he's fantastic. I actually had low progesterone during my pregnancy and was on progesterone shots 2 times a week until week 37. I had a healthy, 9 lb baby boy and he's a year old already. If you have family history of miscarriages or if you are concerned, you should have a blood draw to check your levels and find a doctor who specializes in this while pregnant. No sense in miscarrying if you can prevent it. Take care.



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