Partial Placenta Previa at 19 Weeks - Was Asked "What Day I wanted a C-Section"

Hi everyone!

I'm a first time mom and right now I'm 19 weeks. Yesterday I had my sonogram and was told I had a low-lying / partial placenta previa by the sonogram nurse.

The doctor then came in (from the Women's Group of Northwestern in Chicago - aka the baby factory) and she said "what day do you want your C-section?"

Not only did she NOT explain what this meant, how common it was or its chances of changing, she just said I should go ahead a schedule the C-section now.

I cried for over an hour afterward; the treatment alone was so careless and inconsiderate. I am researching now however and finding there to be a high chance it will correct itself in the next months.

Any thoughts? PS: I'm scheduling an appointment with a mid-wife now!

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I don't have any stats or research to give you, but I do know that partial placenta previa sometimes corrects itself - as your uterus grows with baby's development, sometimes the placenta can move out of the way. Complete placenta previa at term does necessitate a surgical delivery, but that's not what is happening with you right now, and it may never happen! I am so glad you are looking into a midwife - the brusque treatment you received the other day is unacceptable. You deserve compassionate care. And if it turns out that when you get to term, you *do* have placenta previa, well, at least you had great prenatal care for the bulk of your pregnancy and then can transfer to an OB for the birth. Right?  Anyone else have another perspective on this?

Hi Courtney,

It is very common to have placenta previa early in pregnancy and often goes away by the time you are full term. Think of your uterus like a balloon (it may help to actually do this if you need a more tangible visual aid). Take a regular not-yet-inflated balloon and with a marker, make a mark near the base. The mark symbolizes the location of your placenta. Now blow the balloon up and you will see that the mark (your placenta) is now nowhere near the base and previa is not an issue. This is very similar to how your uterus grows throughout pregnancy. I am very sorry to hear that your doctor is trying to schedule a c-section for something that will most likely resolve itself. I highly recommend switching care providers. Please email me at if you would like to discuss this further. Trust your gut, mama!

Thank you so much for your reply - this is very helpful! I just switched to the midwives in Northwestern and already it's sooo much better! I'm feeling positive! Will reach out to you if I have more questions :) thanks again!


I also had partial previa at my 20-week ultrasound, and I was told that the chances were greater than 90% that it would resolve by 32 weeks.  My doctor told me not to give it a second thought, and we wouldn't even discuss a c-section unless the previa persisted into the 36th week.  I'm also in Chicago, and I see Dr. Hubka at Comprehensive Wellness Care. (There's also a CNM in the practice.)  She primarily delivers at Swedish Covenant and is very supportive of natural birth.  You might also check into the West Suburban Midwife Group who attend deliveries at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park.

Thanks for your response Nikki! I switched to Northwestern midwives and it's already so much better! I've heard Swedish Covenant is great too and the one in Oak Park. Sounds like you had a great doc all along! Dr. Hubka sounds great :)

My sisters corrected itself! Her midwife just said we'll keep doing ultrasounds to make sure it corrects itself and if it doesn't by the time your full term then we'll make plans then. 

My friend had that and by the time she delivered it had moved and she got to deliver naturally. I would not schedule a c section until much later on and it shows it hasn't moved

Hi Courtney! I had the same thing at about 19 weeks also.  I was put on bed rest from work and school. It was a strict bed rest.  A low-lying placenta is normal, as the placenta gets bigger it usually moves up! Mine did. I had a normal birth, no c-section needed. Your doctor doesn't seem very nice, I would definitely look into finding someone new.  Good luck!

Thanks so much - this is so uplifting! And I got a new doc!! A midwife actually! :)



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