A child running a fever is no cause for alarm, but that doesn't stop many parents from worrying — a lot.

Now a leading group of pediatricians is counseling doctors and parents against going overboard in treating mildly feverish kids with over-the-counter medicines. The pediatricians say keeping kids comfortable should be the goal rather than reducing their temperatures to a particular number.


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Great timing...I just had this same convo w/my Mom today. Son was running a fever this weekend & Mom was here. His temp was 102 but he wasn't acting like he felt really bad so I didn't give him anything (my doc has been telling me for years to treat the child not the fever and that fevers actually help your body fight the infection and treating it isn't necessary unless your kid is really miserable).  

BUT I think more emphasis should have been placed on determining the need for anti fever meds based on how the child acts. And fr personal experience I doubt the fact that anti fever meds don't reduce febrile seizures. If having a high fever causes some kids to have seizures and treating the fever brings it down how could it NOT prevent them? My DD had sizures that were belived to be related to fever (although at the time she didn't have a fever but had several hours earlier). She is now 14 and to this day if her fever is 102 she gets lethargic, almost comatose, her eyes start to roll back in her head & she becomes almost totally unresponsive (for her body 102 to her is like someone else's 105). My son's was higher then that & he was running around laughing & playing. So, for him I did nothing. For her if hers hits 102 she gets anti fever meds and wiped w/cool rags and if it doesn't go down in 30 min she gets diff kind of med & more cool rags, then if still not down we go to ER. And I DO have to wake her up in the night to give meds--otherwise her fever gets to 104-105 & she becomes totally unresponsive & has trouble breathing...Like call an ambulance unresponsive




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