I know I read somewhere that there may be a link between the increasing amount of Pit inductions and the growing rate of autism. If anyone knows where I can find this info, Please post it here. Thanks!

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This is an article I found that seems pretty informative. I feel like there are way to many unknowns right now to come to any conclusions. Autism is a tricky, multifacited disease. While it is tempting to try and blame many things in the development of autism, there are many things that play into it.
I have heard of the Rhogam shot linked to Autism but not Pitocin...if you are A negative and need the Rhogam shot make sure before you receive it you request to see the leaflet to make sure it is 100% mercury free. There are a few pharmaceutical companies out there that have this and I am getting one tomorrow from CSL Bearings, mercury and latex free...
I'm really concerned about Autism, but linking pitocin maybe unlikely. As a midwife in florida with a homebirth practice, it is hard to say but some of my moms had babies with autism and in homebirth is ALL natural. Pitocin is not a factor. I will do some research if I come across anything I will post it.
I never saw anything about pitocin being linked to autism, but I think you're on the right track. I recently came to my own conclusions about where autism might be starting in children. I kept thinking that it must be somehow connected to how the baby is born. This, of course, is just my own thought process. But I wish they could do a study of medicated births vs. non-medicated births. But I saw another comment on here from a midwife who says she has seen some autistic children from natural births. So it seems very hard to pinpoint it. But I think having your child drug free is one step you can take to help prevent it. At least maybe it would help reduce the risk.
I don't think you're far off from thinking pitocin has something to do with it. Because of the strong contractions it causes to the woman's uterus and the stress that eventually causes the baby. It can all be too much. I think it would be silly NOT to think it could potentially be a contributing factor.
But again, that's just one piece in this huge puzzle.
What caused me to post this was that I heard/ read that autistic children have less of the oxytocin hormone than what they need, possibly due to over-exposure while the mom is in labor. Which stands to reason, considering that autistic kids also have many emotional problems and if that "love" hormone is not there, or not enough of it is being produced, they would have those kinds of problems... there needs to be someone that does more extensive research on this.
I think the direct link to pitocin is somewhat unlikely as well, but that the pituitary gland may be involved in autism. It is possible that it causes some desensitization in children, but the research is unclear.

However, I've read that anti-depressants (altering neurotransmitters in the brain) while pregnant or lactating might be related.

The fact is that we are fairly sure that something "unnatural" is going on here. Something we are doing or exposing our children to is causing some issues. Pitocin, anti-depressant use in pregnancy and lactation, and many other agents given in pregnancy, labor and childbirth have not been thoroughly studied longitudinally. The best way to go is to omit as many as possible from the system until further evidence is available. Seems logical to me!



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