Hey everybody,

Well this is our 3rd baby, I've never consumed the placenta. Wanted to encapsulate the last one, but that ended up not happening just due to major distraction lol so we ended up burying both under daffodils. =) which is fine with me. This time I really would like to try it.

So for any other moms out there that would like to try it too...

I found a site that sells a whole kit (plus encapsulating machine) for $75.00

and I found this recipe for preparing the placenta... apparently it's a "chinese medicine" recipe. but i'm unsure of the real origins.

Placenta Preparation

Wash excess blood from placenta.

Place placenta inside it's membranes (with cord) to help keep it together.

Place in steamer with lemon slices, ginger root and cayenne.

steam on side for 15 mins, flip over and steam another 15 minutes or until no juices run.

after steaming, THINLY slice placenta (like jerky), and place on foiled cookie sheet.

dehydrate in conventional oven on LOWEST SETTING for 7-10 hours or until dry and brittle.

Powder the strips in coffee grinder or food processor and encapsulate.

two capsules - 3 times a day for 2 weeks post partum.

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We managed to rinse it off and use some pieces raw in smoothies for the 1st week. Then we left it frozen for the longest time. I worried about thawing it out (you know, bacteria or what not) but I didn't want to dry it/cook it. I wanted it raw.

Our freezer decided for us by breaking overnight so I had to toss it. :(

I think this time I will make sure we rinse it and divide it, so that I have some refridgerated for immediate raw use and some ready for drying.
with my second birth, i had wanted to use it smoothie style, but my mom had thought she was planting it again (immediately) so she had put it in a baggie and accidentally left it outside in the bbq pit!! - the ground was too hard to dig (with it being in feb). so when i found it muuuuch later, i was so sad! lol i put it in my freezer. almost like i felt like i had to "mommy" because of the "atrocity" it had been through.
i know it all sounds silly, but you know. just how i felt at the time.
so then later i buried it with some daffodils.
aww! That's too bad! IIRC my dad did that with child #6. He buried it in the garden while mum was sleeping lol. That was an oopsy!



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