BOBB has done an amazing job of getting more publicity about the subject of birth.

I've noticed that midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and the like are feeling renewed
energy because of the impact of the movie.

I really think the next step is to come up with a national (or even international) plan to change
birth. With so many incredibly interesting people with so much passion on this site and in the birth world, I think we could easily come up with a plan to create change much faster.

How is change created?

One major way is the media.

How can we change the media? It really isn't difficult.

We create a group of women who love to write articles and give them the knowledge they
need to successfully submit their articles to the pregnancy and women's magazines (plus some others). We give them training and create a support group so that they can learn from each other and feel some accountability and encouragement to continue.

There are dozens of other things that we could or should be doing to make a big impact but I'm going to let that go for now because I really want to open up the discussion.

Please help with your positive ideas of what could be done. Or examples of things that have happened in your community that have been really effective.

Sheri Menelli
Director of The Birthing Business Institute

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I feel a change too Sheri! Even since our conversation this week it seems like everyone everywhere is talking about birth! In a time when "reform" and a change in "healthcare" are on the plate it is now more than ever I feel a burning desire to see change! What better way to help healthcare and see reform than to change the way we look at and do birth? Any way I can use my talent/time/treasure to help with this "media project" you are dreaming up let me know!

Best of everything and happy b-day (early),
Amanda Ramirez
Owner of Exceptional Beginnings

PS- Did you see our video?
I have planned on doing a plan to change birth for at least 1 1/2 years. I think I'm ready - the idea won't go away.

What I need is some brainstorming. What have you seen that has happened that has been positive and helped change people's perceptions of birth?

Here are a couple of more ideas to get the brainstorming started:
1. A friend of mine, Kim Wildner, speaks at a local college at one of the nursing classes. Many of the nursing students are so young and her seminar has had a major impact upon them. It has also gotten her clients for her Hypnobirthing classes.

2. The midwives in town did a showing of Business of Being Born at a local junior college. Students for a few courses could get some type of credit for coming to the movie and the panel discussion. It was amazing to watch the transformation of opinions of birth. Made a huge impact to these college kids.

3. Get on and create a pregnancy meetup group. Bring in a new professional or movie each week to talk about something birth related. Some of the professions to be invited: Lactation consultants, childbirth educators, pregnant yoga instructors, doulas, etc.

Ok, you're turn. Ready to brainstorm?
I feel like so many woman where I live, don't understand the value of the birth and laboring process. Because of this I write about finding meaning in childbirth...I think it helps to give meaning to the sometimes difficult times of birth so that the wonderful times can take forefront. I know talking with college students is great! I also got some interest from Medical residents in watching a home birth...but I'm sure that got shot down. The point is, though, I think it's the students in these professions that will be more receptive. Rachel
Amanda, I'll try to watch the video tonight.

I think students in the medical professions are a great idea. It will have a huge impact on them for a long time. We need to get that whole generation to know.

I too write about birth. I have put my book online for free as a PDF It is a book about positive birth stories. I think once you hear a positive birth story where the mom had a waterbirth, homebirth or used something non-traditional, it sticks with you.
I've actually read this and love it! I put a link to it on my blog:) And I agree, having positive birth stories told makes a difference.
Birth really does mater. The message is starting to come across loud and clear now. Like you, I want a big change too.
I just had a conversation of a mom who is trying for a VBAC after two c-sections. She is very excited to experience birth vaginally. She's excited to take this birth into her own hands.
I am starting an independent children's book publishing company specializing in natural parenting.

I am still learning a lot about the business and have a long way to go, but am excited about the first manuscript, Born at Home. It is a poetic book featuring famous Americans who have been born at home, ending sweetly upon the child to whom you are reading.

There is nothing at all for children featuring homebirths or anything but going to a hospital! (Dr sears gets close with the mom and dad going to a birthing center, but still...)

I figure if we can encourage children to keep an open mind about birth, then we can influence entire future generations.

Any advice is appreciated. I have years of experience as a published poet and performer, but this is all new to me.

Oh, and speaking to medical school students is great! Also, there are a few literary journals published by medical schools. I am the Poetry Editor of the Bellevue Literary Review which is now distributed to medical school students. If someone has a good poem or piece of nonfiction, this would be a good place to submit!

Corie Feiner
Can't wait to see your book.

You are right about the children. Someone I know teaches about it in her girl scout troop. Heard about it in one of my workshops. Isn't that amazing?

Poem or nonfiction on birth - I actually have a few friends who might be interested in submitting. Can you give any more details of what kind of thing they would except?

wow! am i behind in posting!

the bellevue literary review accepts poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. you can send your work directly to me if you want me to look at it first or submit through the website as far as style, there are a lot of editors and it varies. i can send you a copy if you'd like.

as far as my book. my manuscript is complete, but searching for a labor of love (excuse the pun) illustrator is tough. maybe i'll post something about that?

Hi Sheri,

I've just posted your link out to all of my clients - I recommend in my GentleBirth classes so it's fantastic that you've made it freely available!

Thank you!

Tracy Donegan
Hi Tracy,

It is so good to see you on MyBestBirth! So good to hear from you.

Thanks for recommending my book! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have every woman in the world hear at least one positive birth story and at least 1 positive HOME birth story?



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