On September 16 around 11:00pm after me and my partner got done fooling around I started having what I thought were really strong braxton hicks. My partner got me some cheese crackers and water cause I was hungry and nibbled on them and decided I wasnt very hungry anymore. Since they were a little on the strong side I tried hands and knees to take pressure off my tummy. I drank a tiny, i meen tiny, glass of red wine thinking it get my blood flowing, nada.So in denial i try to sleep i slept for 45 mins before waking up with irritating back pain so i lay in bed for hours still in denial tinking its just another bad night of sleep due to my growing belly. Finally around 945am rolls around and i cant lay in bed any more i have to get up. i get up walk down the hall and my gram asks me whats wrong and reality rolls in i strt balling and say my back hurts real bad. she says your in labor call shivani the midwife.I call her describe how im feeling and she says I think your in preterm labor and if you are you have to go to the hospital, try to relax. The midwife gets  to my house shortly after ten and i get outta the tub so she can check me i was 3 and a half centimeter and 80% effaced so we get my stuff and get in the car. All Im thinking is this is not what I wanted my beautiful home birth I had planned for is gone. We get to the hospital I was laboring hard by now my mom midwife (now doula) and partner are are getting me juice taking turns rubbing my legs and letting me hang of there neck because I was a "high risk" labor i had to have the efm on for 15mins every hour that was the worst part. They brought me to my delivery room at 4 centimeters. i got in the shower immedetly got out labored squatting resting on the back of the bed. I repeated that until transition i was 10 centimeters with an anterior lip exahausted with a strong urge to push I layed on my side and my partner gave me juice while my mom and midwife rubbed my hips after that its kinda blurry I was on another plain of conscience. next thing im pulling on a sheet tied to squat bar attached to the bed with the doctor pediatriciam a respitory guy nurse my partner mom and midwife telling me Im almost there pushing my baby out was the most amazing sensation I felt the ring of fire then my water bag broke and then I panted felt the ring of fire again and then her head was delivered then the doc  said reach down and deliver ur baby and I pulled her outta me and put her on my chest. It was amazing, the doc waited till the umbelical cord stop pulsing and they took her down to the nursery to check her out as I delivered the placenta.

Lillian Storm Boulais was born at 7:03 at 5lbs. 5oz. and 19 inchs. healthy and happy!

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I am so happy for you that Lillian was born healthy even though she was a bit early. Sorry you didn't get your dream birth, but for a hospital birth this one is great! You came in and you DID IT! Two little sisters growing up together. Awesome.
What a great birth=-)) I know it was not what you wonted but it still turned out great=-))



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