Please stop advertising for Cord Blood Banking on this site!!

I love this site as a resource, and think it's a great place to get women thinking about the types of births they want. I was dismayed, however, to see that the banner advertisement is for cord blood banking. On a site that promotes maternal and infant wellbeing, this will lead many people to think that cord blood banking is a legitimate, safe route to take.

In order to get enough blood to bank, your baby's cord must be clamped and cut shortly after birth. The blood that is left in the cord and collected for storage was intended for your baby-not in 5 or 10 or twenty years, but in the minutes following birth. In a delayed cord clamping situation that surge of blood with contractions following the baby's birth actually helps your baby's heart and lungs work properly to breathe air. Most instances of resuscitation could be prevented by waiting for the cord to stop pulsing and for the baby to get the full volume of blood that he or she is supposed to have.

I applaud modern science for figuring out that the stem cells in cord blood have value in treating disease, however, isn't it better that your baby get his or her full allotment of those stem cells at birth so the developing body can be healthy?

Please find a new advertiser and fully investigate the implications of early cord clamping.

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My midwife used this for all my appointments instead of a doppler. She used it all through labor until the latent phase where she used a doppler during the very very end of my pushing which amounted to only a few minutes. I think she probably did that because pushing can get pretty noisy, I don't know that she could have heard much with the fetascope! Also, I've heard that a regular stethoscope and even just a good ear can detect fetal heart rate after a certain age, although I don't know if they would be as efficient during labor.
That's funny, we actually borrowed a fetascope from our friends who were planning an unassisted homebirth. I couldn't hear the baby's heartbeat with it for about 16-18 weeks though. After i was able to find the heartbeat I would listen to it once a dayNext time I am pregnant I think I will ask my midwife to not use Doppler. Thanks for the info.



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