Everyone is full of questions about what home birth and birth centers are like.  No matter where you birthed, post a photo or description of how you set it up or gave it a touch of comfort.  I'll go first.

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We set up our HBAC nest in our bedroom with a rented pool.  We ran a hose from the bathtub to fill it and laid towels and rugs on the path from tub to bathroom.  We put old sheets on our bed on top of a mattress pad and garbage bag.  It was overkill because there was actually very little mess.  We didn't do much for ambience, just lit one candle.  I was so in my own head, it barely mattered, but it was comforting and calming to be home.  Birthed in the tub and then blissfully crawled in bed with my baby boy.

P.S.  I don't recommend filling the pool this high.  It was too deep for me to feel stable, I was too floaty and I had to hoist myself up to nurse in the tub.  Sit in the tub before you are due and mark a line a bit below armpit height while seated flat.

I really didn't do anything special. My water broke at 4 am and I went about my day as normal as possible. When intenese labor started at 8:00 pm I asked my husband to turn on some relaxing instrumental music and I labored in our bedroom in whatever position felt comfy at the time. We tried fillig a tub brought by the midwife, but had a leaky hose so it didn't work and it was fine cause at 12:46 I gave birth and was asleep in the same bed with our new little one by 3:00 am. Best day of my life!



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