What do you all choose to do post-partum for help around the house and with the new baby?  I have my parents close by, and lots of friends to help with meals.  Do any of you set up nursing care or help from a doula or family?  Does take-out become your new friend or do your spouses enjoy hanging in the kitchen?  
Just curious as my due date is in less than a week!  

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I do have huge support from my mom who flies from Panama to stay with me for a few weeks. My my first, she stayed with me the first 5 weeks, I took care of the baby and pretty much she took care of everything else. She was the best at doing everything without me and DH noticing it.

Regarding dinner time, well between the three us we made it work, but we did downgrade from full meals every day to savory sandwiches for most dinners.

This time around my mother will be here once again, although it would be mostly to help me with baby while i juggle new baby and my 3 year old.
My church does this great thing for new moms post-partum. Home birth or hospital, each family gets 2 weeks of dinner courtesy of all the different families in the church. It's awesome. With two weeks of meals, you end up with at least another week of excellent leftovers!
I had some help from my mother and mother-in-law. I prefer having the first few days to ourselves, as special family time. My mother comes and stays with us for a few days, and my mother-in-law who lives close will come spend the day a couple of times during the first few weeks. They help with meals, dishes, and laundry, in addition to spending time with the grandkids and visiting! With the first, I needed a lot more help because I was in a lot of pain after (unwisely) pushing for 1 1/2 hours. With the second, I learned my lesson, and as a result felt great afterward! I honestly did not feel like I just had a baby. It made it much easier to be able to try to stay on top of household duties.
For me, in all 3 pregnancies, my Mommy came to take care of "her baby" while I took care of mine ;) I feel fortunate and blessed to have a close relationship w/my Mom and she was a very important support for me in the first week after my babies were born. She makes sure I eat right and reminds me to nap when the baby does. She cooks and brings me endless glasses of water and juice while I nurse. She helps take care of my younger children and makes sure they get plenty of extra attention so they don't feel slighted w/ all the attention being paid to the new baby. That leaves me free to rest and recuperate. It also leaves Daddy free to cuddle and adjust to the new baby. We are able to focus on our new addition b/c my Mommy takes care of everything else. Sometimes a girl just needs her Mommy--for me the postpartum is absolutely one of those times. Congrats on the new addition to your family. May your delivery be peaceful and fast.



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