I'm curious to see when potty training began and was complete for those families that didn't force or teach potty training because of preschools. 

My son stays home with me and has never been to daycare. 

Despite many attempts of training him, he refuses to go to the potty for anything. He's soon to be 4 and still in diapers.

 Personally, I don't care and it doesn't bother me and I have no intention of forcing him to do his business on the potty, I feel he will go when he's ready but I'd like to know other stay-at-home-mothers' stories with potty training. 


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I am also a stay at home mom. I started potty training my son when he turned 2. It was a real up hill battle. He acted as if he was almost scared to use the toilet. We utilized Pull Ups, childrens potties, watching daddy use the restroom, ect... Nothing worked. He would have some good days but there was always this roadblock that I could see with his actions that I couldn't understand.
I always knew he had the ability but something was holding him back.
Finally after a year of ups and downs of potty training, I refused to let it rule our lives anymore. I placed real underwear on him and an extra set of clothes in the diaper bag and set off on my last alternative. That was what worked for us. He only had one accident after that.
That is when I realized what was holding him back. Why did he have to worry about using the potty? I was so crazy about making sure he didn't have an accident in his clothes that he never really felt how uncomfortable it was to have an accident without a diaper.
I realized that I was the major problem. I was the one inhibiting his learning.



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