looking to connect with others who are 38 and pregant.

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I'm 38. I had my first at 31; this will be my fourth by birth (I also have two by adoption). I'm due July 1 and will turn 39 in September.
Hi Sharee-
I am 45. I just had my fourth baby last May, at 44. I am wondering if I am the sort of reply you were looking for, or if 38 was key in the question. Anyway, I was treated as a "high risk" by the obstectrician simply because of my age. My very last visit to this OB was on the day she announced that I would be having a scheduled induction a week before my due date, basing her decision on my "high risk" status and worries over the distance between my home and the hospital.
UGH! First, there was a rural hospital less than three blocks from my house with helecopters...and, besides my age, there was no factor to make me "high risk". My understanding is that a woman advanced in years has a lower chance of conceiving, but still has the exact same equipment needed for carrying a baby safely to term. Here's is my gem for you, advice to carry through the next few months...TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR HORMONES. This may be your last chance to repair and rebuild your abdominal muscles and lose all the extra weight. Women who keep that weight into menapause have a much harder time, plus, hormones produced during pregnancy and post-partum help in the repair of abdominal muscles often torn during pregnancy and labor due to over-exhertion...which is something I was particularly careful to avoid this time round. I came into this, my last pregnancy with sever abdominus recti...and have healed completely, through abdominal exercises and pregnancy hormones, what years of
exercise alone could not heal.
Sharee Langenstein said:
I'm 38. I had my first at 31; this will be my fourth by birth (I also have two by adoption). I'm due July 1 and will turn 39 in September.
Sharee Langenstein said:
I'm 38. I had my first at 31; this will be my fourth by birth (I also have two by adoption). I'm due July 1 and will turn 39 in September.
I'm not sure what kindof reply you are looking for but I can tell you that we have had women in thier 40's birthing out of hospital amd all has gone well. If everything is going fine right now options should be open to you. Wishing you and baby well..........
I am 55. I had my fourth and last baby sixteen days before my thirty-eighth birthday. My mother had her ninth and last baby just nine days short of her thirty-eighth birthday. My SIL had my nephew sixteen days before her thirty-eighth birthday. My paternal grandmother had my father when she was thirty-eight. These were all home births!

My maternal aunt had her ninth and last baby, my cousin, when she was forty-one years and six months old. He was born the same day as my second baby, my oldest son. They are grown men now.

Maybe it runs in the family.

Just to let you know, my personal experience with being so "old" and pregnant in my late thirties was that I was very busy with my older children and working, but the pregnancy was easy and I was more confident when labor and delivery approached. I was more confident as a mother with a small baby. However, I was not able to lose the pregnancy weight with the last baby. I attribute this to being older, slower metabolism, and having a desk job. That was the only difference. I am healthy and limber still, so I guess much of it is in the mind.
Hi, I had my first baby 14 days before my 38th birthday last year. When I was out and about, shopping for baby stuff I sure felt old as I looked around me--and sometimes I still do but I also feel blessed that I have so many years of life experience to go on as I raise my little one. The pregnancy went well --I was still riding my horse one week prior to birth. I had a home, water-birth and it went very smooth. I dont plan on having any more. Good luck and let us know how we can best support you!
I was 39 with my last, and I have caught babies for women at 47!! Stay healthy, take a good quality vitamin,( not from the drugstore or chains, go to the health food store and get a food based vitamin) drink lots of water and enjoy your pregnancy!!!
Hi Aileen. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I am 39 and I have 2 girls. My oldest Lyndall is 4. I had her at age 35. My youngest is Mia and she was born Oct 2008. I was 38 and turned 39 two months later. I had wonderful pregnancies although my 2nd was more difficult as it was summer. Best wishes and enjoy this amazing experience!!

I was 40 when I had my first baby, all natural with a midwife at the Labor Of Love, no hospital, all natural only in labor 7 hours, I gained 33 pounds, I loved,loved being pregnant, I walked everyday 1/2 mile and did the exercises my midwife told me to do, age is nothing but a number.
Congratulations, Aileen! What wonderful news! I am 52 and I have a 6 year old. I must say that it was one of the easiest pregnancies I've ever had - I have 7 children born within a 29 year period! I had a wonderful OB, who told me that the reason older moms are considered higher risk is that people often have developed chronic diseases (such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc.) that complicate pregnancy. Since I have none of those, he said I was likely to have a normal pregnancy. I birthed at home, by choice, and it was an easy and beautiful birth. I breastfed for 3 years, and I also lost my pregnancy weight. I know that not everyone is as lucky as I have been, but I wanted you to know that being a more mature mom doesn't necessarily spell complications!



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