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I found a pretty good article on CNN about the H1N1 vaccine and pregnancy. Please reply if you have heard anything else about the vaccine and possible side effects.



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"it would be better to build up our natural immunities to H1N1 now while it is still a mild illness, rather than vaccinate and risk having no immunities to it in the event that it becomes a more serious/strong illness in the future."

I'm not quite sure what you mean by this. It IS natural immunity that responds to a vaccine ... it's not artificial immunity but your very own immune system. What would the difference be between actual exposure to the current H1N1 strain and the vaccine strain (which for now would be about the same). If it mutated it wouldn't matter if you were immune to THIS one regardless of what form you were exposed to it (vaccine or live from another person).

Response: Well said! Vaccines work by presenting natural antigens (from a real virus that is killed so that it cannot cause disease) into your body. You body builds natual antibodies against the antigen. These antibodies remain in your system so that if you ever do come into contact with the virus your body will naturally be able to combat it. If the virus mutated dramatically into a todally different virus you'd be no better off if you had got the virus naturally, or had been vaccinated. Vaccines build immunity...That's how they work!
Thanks! =)

If I weren't pregnant I wouldn't be that concerned over this new flu. But because of the potential for nasty side effects/complications from the flu (any flu really!) and the fact I work in a hospital and am good friends with teachers who work in schools (where a lot of flu is being spread)...well...I can't help but want to stay safe. Perhaps if I worked from home and didn't go out much, it wouldn't be an issue, but I just can't even imagine going through the horrible sore throat, coughing fits, fever all sans anything but Tylenol and the fear and trepidation I'd have about fetal hyperthermia and ending up in the hospital and having to have a preterm labor or the labor of my nightmare because I was too sick to do it as I envision.
I think it's like the chicken pox. We used to just get it as kids (hopefully) and that was it. Then they started vaccinating for it because if you don't get it as a kid it can be really bad. But now, what they are finding is that people who have been vaccinated for it are still getting it, but it manifests differently and can actually be worse. Same sort of thing really - a mild case a H1N1 now might be better than whatever the mutated form may look like in a year or so. It's all about weighing the risk factor.
But the vaccine would give the same thing as getting it now. I'm not familiar with what has happened with chicken pox lately (it's been a while since I had to deal with that :-)) but let's say there are two people:

Person A: Gets chicken pox strain ABC
Person B: Gets chicken pox vaccine for strain ABC

Both person A and person B will have developed immunity for the same thing...so if and when the strain changes to ABD they will be faced with the same issue. It doesn't matter if the person gets it immunity from a vaccine OR the live virus.
But...Chicken pox doesn't change strains! And the chicken pox vaccine is something you have to renew every so often whereas your own immunity sticks around.
Ah Chicken pox! When I was little, as soon as my neighbor friend came down with them I was rushed over there to play. I got them at age 5 and my brother age 2. Mild cases. No problem.

I am hoping to be able to do the same thing, but with all the people getting the vaccine, it's REALLY hard to expose them, which leaves them at a higher risk for complications the older they get. I find this really frustrating and baffling.
Sorry I misunderstood the previous poster's meaning and assumed SHE assumed it changes strains so I was going off of that.
I would highly recommend you read this if your thinking about getting the shot.

Great article thanks for posting it. I also watched the video at the end. Also very informative. This is the first time I have seen our mainstream media discuss the downside to the vaccine. And it certianly wasn't broadcast in my area.

Thanks again for sharing :)
Dr. Mercola is a naturopathic physician that does not beleive in immunizations. There are a lot of naturopathic physicians that do support them. I totally agree with many things related to a naturopathic philosphy, and if you do not beleive in immunization because you share Dr. Mercola's perpective, that is fine by me. From my perspective, natural holistic approaches and medicine should compliment each other. It is up to each individual to determine what is medically necessary, and what isn't. I encourage others to seek information from a variety of evidence-based sources before making any decision.
Keep in mind you have the option as a pregnant woman to get the single-dose formula (it will be available for H1N1, too) w/out the preservative that makes everyone so nervous. I chose to get the seasonal. I work with geriatric patients and think it's important I NOT get the flu this year and risk passing it on to them. This is a public health issue for me and I'm willing to take on some extra personal risk to do it.

I am happy you posted this link. Dr. Mercola provides the most comprehensive assessment of the H1N1 vaccination I have read to date and I have distributed the link to all of our friends and family members.

Numerous nurses unions across the country have petitioned the courts to halt mandatory vaccinations and it appears the courts are taking their concerns seriously.





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