Jack, my third child, arrived last month, 20 days late. My first two babies were 15 days late. But a day shy of week 43? That is virtually record-breaking – and, some would say, slightly mad. For the last week I barely left the house. I knew what I was doing and was happy with my decision. But I didn't want to hear what anyone else had to say about it. (Especially if it was: "Have you tried eating curry?" Yes. About 57 times.)

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It just goes to show you that babes come when they wont to come=-))
Within the text of this article there is a link to a homebirth website that provides links to research. It a wonderfully informative site. The link is: www.homebirth.org.uk
The section on that site "But what if..." would be great for people to show doubtful friends and relatives.
Thanks for the read. My OB (who I may fire) says he offeres elective induction at 39 weeks and will not let you go past 41! (not even the standard 42)
My advice (if you have any issues that worry you) is lie low until 36 weeks when he can't easily fire you. Then you are in the driver's seat and can retain him for emergencies or special checks in the later weeks even if he doesn't like what you decide. In the meantime, work on firm but respectful ways to dodge the pressure. Things that more or less kept the peace for me: "No, I won't want to schedule a cesarean just in case. That's for emergencies only. As long as everything looks fine, I'll just keep coming in for checkups." (I had to say that because I was a VBAC.) Or in the case of no prior cesareans "I understand the placenta begins a slow process of degrading at a certain point. As long as everything still looks good with ME and MY BABY, there is no rush to induce." Or "Low amniotic fluid? Exactly how low? I will go home and read about that issue and get back to you in a while (i.e. a few days or hours). I'll go drink a ton of water and let's recheck that in a few days." etc etc. There are ways to give yourself time to think and research instead of heading straight to the hospital, and ways to push back.
This makes me think. I'm currently 8 days "overdue" and I know in my heart that this is normal but I'm hating every second right now! I'm not in horrible shape/pain or anything, just mentally I'm suffering! I want this baby to be ready and to meet him or her!!!
I wonder how long most of you would go until you "did" something? 43 weeks? 44 weeks? A friend is overdue as well and she will be going in for NST 2x a day! I'm sure the OB will find something "wrong "with placenta/fluid/baby and induce. But since I see a homebirth midwife I won't be doing that...just waiting!!
At some point, the baby will be really ready and probably much more agreeable to whatever you might try to get him going. Think of it as having just a few more days to hang in there! Also, seriously consider trying acupuncture if you're not starting to open up yet. Even though I didn't believe in it, I tried it at about 41w5d. I had no signs of labor, but 1/2 an hour after leaving the office I felt crampy like sciatica, within 4 hours of acupuncture I lost my mucous plug and gave birth that night! It was fantastic and I am fully convinced that did the trick.
I would give Ina May a big juicy kiss on the cheek if I could. She is the voice of reason with experience. Personally, in 3 pregnancies I have not shown an iota of contraction or impending labor even at 41 1/2 weeks. I was induced the 1st two times (cervadil, pitocin) and the 3rd time acupuncture got me going within a few hours. I am still curious when, if ever, I would have gone into labor with no help.
- Shari



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