I have a question about napping in the afternoon. I am 38 weeks pregnant and my midwife has advised me to begin going to be early in case of labor beginning in the early morning. However, I find myself very tired around 2 in the afternoon and often nap. This leads to difficulties sleeping during the night and even falling asleep. Should I try to stay awake all day until bedtime, or should I nap when I feel tired during the day?

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I am 37 weeks and I find myself very tired in the morning, noon and night! I think I'm at that stage where sleeping is almost impossible. I would love to nap during the day but then I know I'm not going to be able to sleep later at night. I do fear going into labor and being exhausted from lack of sleep! I say listen to your body, I'm a first time mom. I'm learning new things daily but if you can get comfortable and take a 30min-1hour nap I say go for it :). I hope this helps....
Thank you! I think that sounds right... trusting my body :)
I agree with Dominique! Listen to your body. I'm also at 37 weeks and just take the napping thing day by day. I try to keep the naps between 20-45 minutes, though. Anything longer than that keeps me up late, too. :) It's good that you feel like a nap that early in the afternoon. My nap time usually arrives around 5pm or so (which explains why it interferes with bedtime).

Enjoy the last few weeks. We're almost there!
Hi Ladies!!!! I'm 38 1/2 weeks and I too need my afternoon nap. I live in Vegas and it's getting soooo hot that it makes me even more tired. Listening to your body is key so I usually take a nap mid-day from anywhere to 15-45 min. I need it because my sleep at night is always interrupted by going to the bathroom like 4 times! So excited for all of us! I'm a first time mom and having a home water birth. Would love to hear how your births went!



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