I read Marie Mongan's hypnobirthing book and have been using the cd that came with the book and the rainbow relaxation cd. I've been practicing the relaxation exercises, but as I get closer to my baby's birth I wonder if anyone could give me any pointers for practicing on my own. (There are no courses in my area, so I've been trying to learn from the book.)

What was the most helpful thing(s) you did to prepare for your hypnobirth?

Any insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated!


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In my honest opinion, I took the hypnobirthing class and still felt unprepared as it seemed to me to be only guided relaxation. Try looking up Hypnobabies. It's incredibly detailed, far beyond The Mongan Method (my opinion). They have classes and a homestudy course. I'm not sure how much time you have before baby's birth. They also have supplemental cds for Hypnobirthing moms who feel like they need more.
Hi! It would be nice if you could hire a doula who is trained in hypnobirthing. That would give you great support during the birth and maybe even prenatally, if she offers prenatal visits. As far as practicing on your own, try a deep "sleep" breathing technique. Get comfortable first; then breathe in slowly to the count of 4, then exhale to the count of 8. While exhaling, imagine yourself totally relaxing and "melting" into the surface behind you. You can have either quiet music or ocean sounds in the background while doing this, if you want. I hpe you have a blessed birth!
i took the mongan method course and my instructor had an extra track for me that i found awesome. get your husband to practice with you with some of the deepening techniques from the book. i hired the instructor to be with me at the birth and she helped a lot, if you can find a doula or midwife with similar experience it would be helpful.
start as early as possible during labour! my water broke and i was so hyper and excited i went right back to sleep with the rainbow relaxation. i used it 3 times during early labour to rest and i worked so well.
best wishes for a calm and peaceful birth!
I used the hypnobirth meditations on my ipod before I was in labor, and at the very start. Throughout labor I found the information from the book to be very helpful-- especially the diagram that showed the different muscle groups that control the uterus. I found myself picturing the illustrations and remembering the writing. I also drew upon Ina May Gaskin stories during this time.

As I was pushing, my midwife suggested that *not* crying out with contractions might make them more productive, and she was right! I re-focused all that energy and my daughter progressed quite quickly after that.

Good luck!


I have had friends that have used hypnobirthing and hypnobabies. I used hypnobabies but read through hypnobirthing. I like the deep breathing techniques in hypnobirthing but you really need to attend a class (so my friends who used it say). Hypnobabies is nice - it is very similar - but the program is self study, no class needed. It is much more indepth. I think either program is going to work great for you, but if you stick to hypnobirthing, consider attending a class if they are available in your area.



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