Just letting you know that Private Midwifes, who attend the bulk of homebirths over here are under severe threat due to the fact that there is no Medical Indemnity insurance available to them. The Government is considering blocking their registration. Any assistance in terms of letter writing to our Health Minister etc would be appreciated. Google Maternity Services Review for more info.

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Sign the Petition to save Private Midwifery by clicking the link below:
The Maternity Services Review handed down its report on February 21st, 2009. It examines enhancing midwifery practice. The care of a known midwife from early pregnancy through labour and birth has considerable benefits. These benefits can be measured financially through a reduction in unnecessary surgical birth and other interventions. More subtle but important benefits are increased rates of bonding and breastfeeding, lower rates of post-natal depression and greater satisfaction with the experience of childbirth.
The report of the MSR states that the Govt. will not support the costs of private homebirth services, nor will they provide indemnity insurance assistance to midwives working in private practice. Midwives in private practice are the only health professionals in Australia currently without indemnity insurance. This is not due to their practice, or claims history; it is simply due to the fact that they are small in number. Medical practitioners and their clients currently enjoy indemnity protection at an estimated cost of $500 million.
There are currently plans to establish a national registration body for health professionals by July 2010. A requirement for registration is professional indemnity insurance. If midwives in private practice are not assisted, they will be prevented from registering. If they practice midwifery unregistered they face a jail term. If national registration proceeds as planned women choosing homebirth will be unable to access a registered midwife, and essentially the practice will go underground. It is not acceptable that women are unable to choose the care of a registered midwife to give birth at home. This is a violation on human rights. Homebirth is a nationally funded option in the UK, Canada, NZ & The Netherlands. I ask that you support a woman’s right to choose where and with whom she gives birth.
I am planning a homebirth in Australia in November and would hate to see homebirth removed as a choice for women in the future. I have signed the petition and urge every other person to do so to help us prevent this violation of our rights. Its our body, its our choice.

We need as much support and publicity on this, so Rikki, Cindy if you read this and are free on September 7, please consider coming to the rally in Canberra to protest against this part of the legislation.
Hi Kelly. I am aware of what is going on in Australia and it is terrible. I am doing an interview this weekend with 'Sunday Night' on Channel Seven to talk about the situation.

Thanks for your support Ricki, we will be tuning in this evening. I could do with a night on the couch, me and my big bump.



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