I was watching the news this morning about the H1N1 vaccine, and a doctor talked about how many people were against it, that they were all profiting from fear. He then when on to briefly address how common profiting from fear is and that he was working on a book about it. That quote "profiting from fear" has stayed with me all day. I think it's a perfect way to describe our current state of massive c-sections, epidurals, interventions, etc. What do you think?

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Most of the docs I know are decent guys. I don't think they purposely try to put women at risk to get more money. I do think, that fear plays a huge part in how they behave, though. The way the practice is built off of fear. Fear of litigation, fear of a baby dying, fear of their fellow doctors looking down on them, fear of making the wrong choice. I can think of only one doctor that would make decisions based on how much money he makes.
I agree, and I don't necessarily believe that the dr's are profiting - but what about the pharmaceutical companies, the large hospital systems, the insurance companies...their profits are growing and growing.
I think it is a good description of what is happening. It seems that the whole system is based on fear... fear of the worst possible thing happening. What has become standard really should be for only a few high risk situations. Not only are the doctors afraid themselves, but they play into, and in some cases, instill fear into moms and dads in order to make things go a certain way. I agree that most docs are not bad guys with evil motives. Definitely not. However, whether or not they are consciously doing it, it is happening.
Why would he say that people who are against the vaccine are profiting from fear? It's drug companies that are profiting not us. Maybe I read that wrong, but it is notthe public who profit it is those greedy pharmaceutical companies.
No, that's what he stated. Obviously, I don't agree! My 6'2 sister-in-law was just told that she'd have to have another c-section due to an inadequate pelvis. Her first child was 7 lbs. I'm 5'6 and have had 3 babies (9lbs-10lbs) naturally - two w/o pain medication, one w/epidural.
My second birth I blindly believed my doctor, having such a great first birth naturally, and after that experience I really became more of an advocate for myself when pregnant.
I agree completely. I look around and notice that every single hot button topic is rooted in fear. Fear is the primary reason for making a decision. Fear and lack of perspective and knowledge.

If I branch out and mention something such as homebirth, or remaining vaccine free, or remaining intact, I instantly get fear responses, "What if the baby dies?! What if he catches measles and becomes sterile?! What if he gets AIDS?!"

The strangest thing in all of this, to me, is that no one considers how easily the child can die from the actively chosen behavior.

Whether I have my baby at home or in the hospital, my baby could die. It's called an existential dichotomy people!



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