Questions about natural childbirth with a seizure history (and how to avoid post-natal shots)

I am 39 years old, have moderate-large fibroids, and am 34
weeks pregnant with my first baby. I am an RN, have thoroughly educated
on birthing options, and have always anticipated that were I to have a
child, I
would want it as low tech as possible. However, I am living in northern
Virginia, and I am have a lot of problems maintaining any control over
pregnancy and anticipated birth. The biggest problem is that I have had
mal seizures in the past. These seizures have been very few and far
between (on
average 1 every 7 years for a lifetime total of 4). The seizures last
only a
few seconds (definitely less than 10 seconds), and have always been in
to sudden, unexpected pain. For example, after I dislocated a shoulder, I
jumped up in response, and a seizure occurred. I do not have seizures in
response to pain alone, and have actually had kidney stones twice, and
had a seizure in response. But the seizures do seem to occur with pain
and a
sudden drop in blood pressure (ex: rising quickly after a fall). I did
have a
neurological workup and there was an abnormality on my EEG. I was told
this abnormality was not epilepsy, but merely showed a “low seizure
I contacted nurse-midwives in my area, and was told that the abnormal
EEG was a
problem. It was suggested that I stay with an OB. My current OB stated
because of my history, I would need to get an epidural very early on in
labor to prevent myself from having significant pain. I am
worried about the inevitable cascade of medical interventions that occur
epidurals, especially epidurals started early in labor. In addition to
above, I am told that “no physician” in the state of Virginia will “let
me” opt
out of the Vitamin K shot for my newborn, which I do not want unless
there is
reason to believe he is at risk (for example, vacuum extraction). I was
warned that I would have a fight if I refuse my newborn be given
prophylactic eye ointment, which I also
plan to refuse. Does anyone have any advice? Does anyone know if this
is standard in other places – that a low seizure threshold (related to
stimuli) mandates an epidural? If I have to submit to the epidural
because this is truly the safest thing for my baby, then of course I
will. But I do not trust the advice of the medical professionals here
(so far my experience with Virginia's healthcare system is less than
progressive to say the least). And regardless of the epidural, I do not
want unnecessary medical interventions performed on my baby boy. Any
advice on how to handle this without much ado? I am already gearing up
to be the "difficult patient," and I would really like to avoid that
kind of energy at what should be the happy day when I welcome my son
into the world. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

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