i have just found this page and i have lots of questions..i am 27 years old and a mother of 3..i had my first baby 14 weeks early i went into
labor super fast was fully dialated when i got to the hospital she was
breech so they sent me in for a emergency c section..however,i was told
they cut me as a normal c section..then for my second..i was 4 cm and it
wasnt until then that he told me i had to have a c section..well being
shocked,and unedcuated i agreed..then i had my 3rd b/c i still didnt
know and had another csection..now i am learning and i am so upset....
my question is is it still possible to have a vbac after 3 c sections?

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also what are the risks and how would i go about finding a doc willing to do it.
I may not have all of the answers to your questions, but this blog post about a doula who had a successful VBA3C may be an encouraging starting place for you.
Best to you on your journey!

thank you ill check it out
It is pretty rare to find an OB who will do it, but there are many MW's who will do them(usually they are homebirth midwives). I know yahoo has an HBAC(homebirth after c-section) and many of those women have had multiple c/s's.
do you have the link for it?
thank you
The risks depend on how long its been since your last c-sec and how they cut you. The scar on your skin doesn't have anything to do w/how they cut your uterus. If they cut you vertically than the risks are higher than w/ a horizontal or transverse cut. It also depends on how high in your uterus the cut was made. Low is better than high. You need your surgical records to know for sure.

Finding an OB to go along w/it will also be a challenge esp since you have never had a vaginal birth so you have an "unproven pelvis."

However, even w/3 c/s your "relative risk" of a rupture is still lower than the risks of other complications that can but very rarely do occur in pregnancy and labor.

Check out some of these links for info:

Good Luck!
thank you so so much..how do i go about getting my surgical records?
I don't know much about vba3c, but here's an amazing video about a hba2c


Best of luck to you~! I hope you get the vbac that you want.
Good for you to do your own research! yes, it is totally possible! i had 2 c-sections with an "unproven pelvis" also. i just recently had my 3rd child by natural birth...a successful VBA2C.:) the websites that Sara gave you are good ones to start with (especially the ICAN website). i also read all that i could get my hands on in support of VBACs. you will need to get your records from each one of your previous births. in order to do that, call the hospital where you delivered and ask for the medical records office. you will want to ask for your "surgical" records. that will give you the details about the doctors incision and how he/she stitched you up. also, seriously consider hiring a midwife or doula who is well experienced with VBACs. Our doula was wonderful. she was the main reason i was able to deliver naturally. She was totally worth spending the extra money. the hard part will be finding an OB. In my state, it is illegal for a woman who has had a previous c-section to have a homebirth. i was too nervous to try at home anyways, being that it was my first natural birth and i live 35 minutes from any hospital. i was blessed in that my OB had a lot of experience with VBACs. She was very supportive. some books for you AND your husband to read are:
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth
THe VBAC Companion
The Silent Knife
Don't Cut Me Again
Birth After Cesearean by Dr. Bruce Flamm

As far as your risks go, for 1 previous section the risk of uterine rupture is about 1.5%
for 2 previous c-sections it is about 2%
for 3 previous c-sections it about 2-3%
the book by bruce flamm will go into the risk percentages in depth

i could go on and on. i'll stop now. hope this helps a bit
Sara Jones
oh wow thank you so much



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