I am currently a college student and not planning on children for at least five years or so, but as an Ultrasound student & a woman who wants to be a mother someday, The Business of Being Born documentary struck me as interesting not only in my career field, but personally. After watching, I'm thinking I'd like a natural, intervention-free birth if possible, when the time comes. But, I have some concerns.

-I love my OB/GYN doctor. Can I still visit her, but have a midwife deliver with my OB/GYN on call?

-When I was in the 5th grade, a friend of mine's mother passed away during childbirth. Naturally, this frightens me and I want to be in a medical environment when I give birth. Is this at all possible while still having an intervention-free birth?

For the above reasons, I don't know if I could ever do a home birth. That is rather nerve-racking for me. I'm excited to hear your responses and read into other forums and articles to further my knowledge in this wonderful part of life! :)

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