i have just posted a previous post..i am planning a VBA3C for my next..never done it so im new to all this info..so my questions are.
i know i can deny the c section.
but can i deny meds to induce or speed up labor?b/c i heard those are harmful and can lead more to a c section.

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Very few providers will induce for a VBAC, because it increases the risk of uterine rupture. Ask your provider ahead of time if they use labor augmentation in VBACs.
I would have this discussion with your provider now. If you are planning a VBAC talk to them about how this has worked for him/her in the past. Did they use induction? If so, can they take you off the pit once your contractions get steady? Discuss if you will be able to be out of bed to work through your contractions, etc. Also, do a birth plan and have your dr. sign in agreement, present a copy to the hospital and take one with you when you are in labor. This will help in case another dr. i the practice is with you when you go into labor. It is important for everyone to know you are educated and planned out your VBAC with the support of your provider. Also, look into hiring a doula if possible. The doula will provide great support and advocacy while in labor.
thank you everyone
It's your body and it's your birth. You can deny meds. Make up a birth plan now and give it to your Dr. give the Dr. another copy of the birth plan a few weeks out from your delivery date and then bring a few copies with you to the hospital to give to different nurses as they change shifts and let each new nurse know your plan as she starts her shift. Let them know not to offer you meds and if you feel you need it you will ask for it.



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