Quick question about night time diaper leaks for those who co-sleep & use disposables.

My one and only daughter is 8 months old.  While I've never co-slept and don't plan on it (though not ruling it out) I was curious about one detail.  My daughter sleeps in a crib and has since she was about one month old.  At one point past the 6 month mark she started waking 2-3 times per night and only nursing her would put her back to sleep.  However, this resulted in diaper leaks and wet backs almost every night.  I have since gotten her down to one feeding a night (most of the time) and no more diaper leaks.

As I understand it co-sleeping supposedly leads to better sleep for mom because she doesn't have to 'get up' to nurse. I also understand that nursing is totally baby-led and happens through the night.  So my curiosity is about diaper changes.  How does a baby nurse through the night, off and on, and NOT get a full diaper that leaks?  (I use disposables so those with cloth diapers might have different answers that won't apply to me). 

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my son is 3 months and he doesn't nurse all night. He has leaked before but not regularly, he does have a very full diaper in the morning. At first I did still get up to change him or whatever but he doesn't wake up anymore so neither do I. Also, I keep diapers, wipes and whatever I need in my room so I only have to reach over to get them, do a quick change and back to sleep.
My little guy slept through the night from 2 months to 6 months BUT from 6 months to 9 months (now) he has woken up to nurse once or twice per night, occasionally more. I would say that his diaper gets very full regardless of how many times he wakes, but we haven't had a leak since he was very little. But, we don't really co-sleep, he sleeps in our room but in a different bed. I wonder if many co-sleeping babies who nurse on and off don't really nurse much at a time, therefore don't take in more than babies like mine, who wake once or twice and want a full feeding. But I really don't know and I'm sure every baby is different.
We co-sleep using an Arm's reach co-sleeper (so baby is right next to our bed with no rail in between). On average she nurses 3 times a night but I don't think she really takes in a full feeding each time. We use cloth diapers, but I put a disposable on her for the night just so that I don't have to change her. Neither of us really wake up during the night when she's feeding and I want to keep it that way. With cloth diapers, she' d definitely leak through if I didn't change her. So far no leaks when using the disposables but the diaper sure is full in the morning!
At 3 months my daughter was doing okay...no night time leaks. But around 6 months she started wanting to nurse 2-3 times a night (again she is in a crib in a separate room so I'd get up and go nurse her) and it not only took a huge toll on my sleep and thus my sanity...but the night time leaks were a huge pain because she'd CRY loudly during changes (she really was tired and simply wanted to be nursed and then go back to sleep after nursing ... not be stripped of her PJ's and re-dressed).

Thus we did what probably most people on here are not fond of ... Cry it Out sleep training. We did, however, modify it to allow one feeding after 1am. That usually was okay but then recently she started having leaks again if she ate before 3am. I think she might be ready to be weaned of night feedings altogether and we will try that after an upcoming vacation and her 9 month peds visit if her weight and everything looks good.
Have you tried using a bigger size diaper than what she needs? That combined with brand name diapers at night time was what helped my friend and her daughter stay dry at nights. Just a thought.
I almost forgot...when she wore a different brand it helped. Pampers fails us, Huggies does not--at night. But I like the overall fit of Pampers better so I haven't switched brands. She's actually 'thin' for her height so I'm not sure a bigger diaper would make a difference. It's not that it's overfull, it's just overfull up the back--which is very odd to me.



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