Hi ladies,

I am new on this forum and I have to say that is the greatest!

I have a few questions. I was always a "good daughter". Finished collage, married a great man, having a full time stady job, buying an appartment with my hubby in great neighborhood,....everything as others "expected". Now me and my hubby are talking about having a children. He is really into it and he really wants them.

But I am not sure for myself. I am not sure if I really want them, or is this just another puzzle in my life, of me doing the right thing. I have suffered a lot last year, being diagnosed with panic disorder. I have found few reasons why, and one of them was me not being self confidend enought, as i was guided throught life,...and now I suppose to guide another person? I dont know, how did you know that you were ready to be a mom?

I was on antidepressions last year of 200ml of SSri (group of antidepressions), and now I am lovering my dose in order to concieve without drugs.
Thank you for your replies!

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My personal experience is that you never are:) How's that for reassurance:) Being a mom was a part of what I wanted to be in life, but it was still hard to make that decision as to the timing. What I've learned about this and other things in life is that sometimes you just have to take the leap in the dark. If we all waited until we were perfect people or in a perfect position in life, I don't any children would be born. I have found that once I had my children, they taught me how to be a mom. It's through experience that we learn that.

That said, it is a tough job and it should be something you really want. I think being a mom is a lot like going through labor. You never know how you are going to do or where you will end up. But I can tell you, that it has been one of the best things I have ever done thus far in my life. Good luck with your decision!
Thank you so much....and believe it or not, it does help. My mom told me the same.

Best wishes,




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