I can't believe there are no discussions on VBACs yet...any who...

I'm currently pregnant with my 3rd baby and I'm curious if any one out there has run into problems having a VBAC even if you have had a successful one in the past?? The reason I ask is becasue the hosptial I may deliver at this time does not participate in them.

I'm sure they will try to talk me out of it just like the last time so I'm looking for as much help/support.


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The truth is some hospitals do them and some don't, depending on the dr's choice of course. My advice to you is if you had one successful VBAC already you should be fine. If it is important you have another and this dr is already resisting you then find another dr at a different hospital. Dr's will practice the way they are comfortable. If his initial reaction is no and the hospital usually does not do VBACs - even if you convince him to try - the first "sign of fetal distress" or if your labor is not progressing as quickly as they would like- they will most likely jump on it as a reason to section you. If it us important to have a VBAC find a dr that practices this way and performs VBACs all the time. The choice is yours and should not be theirs. I am a RN in L&D and our dr's don't do Vbacs - trust me I see it a lot.
Since you are an RN I will ask you:) Do the docs give these multiple VBAC moms just as much grief as if it was the 1st??? I spent so much time and energy fighting for my 1st VBAC that at times it took away from the joy of pregnancy. I reall hope that that doesn't happen again but if it has to be that way I will fight again.
I've attended several successful VBACS and had two of my own.

And this was 25 years ago, when they were a big no-no.

Our first son (now 29) was born by the first mother-conscious/father-present C-section in Mission, BC (had to fight for it).

Then my next pregnancy was full of bizarre things... I was sure it was twins from conception-- no one believed me. Saw 3 OBs and not one picked up on twins. Anyway, they finally convinced me that it was a singleton.

And here's the caveat-- we knew that the baby was breech. I found an OB who agreed to a trial of labour providing the presentation was anything other than footling. I said, "Don't worry-- I have no intention of pushing out a footling."

Very long story short, I pushed out interlocking twins (the first, foot-first and the second head-first-- locked at the chins and cannot get out that way). I have to give the OB credit for pushing them both back in (no pain meds) and then unlocking their heads.

It wasn't a good outcome. Not because of the birth, but because both were born without kidneys. BUT-- the thing that got be through that was that I had my vaginal birth. Sounds weird, but it's true.

And if that's not a good trial of labour, I don't know what is! ;-)

Years later I then pushed out our 9 1/2 pound, healthy son.

One of the births I attended was an 8 lb. baby, born vaginally after two sections. Women heal.

I agree with Jean-- change doctors. Find one who views vaginal birth as natural and desirable.
I'm sorry to hear about your twins but I do understand how the vaginal delivery helped in the after math....so not so weird.

I do know of a few docs that don't mind VBACS at all but they are no longer a part of my insurance. If it comes down to it I guess I'll just have to pay the fees.

Amy You should find a Dr. or Midwife that is trusting and confident of VBAC! As a licensed midwife in the state of Florida, I have supported and attended VBAC births for 29 years! I am just one of many who believe this is safe and best option for birth after C/Sec! Be diligent in your effort to find the right person!!
I wish I could find a good midwife here but NY is slowing starting to get rid of them!!! It such a shame.
Amy, I'm curious to know if you have mw contacts in your area? My friend lives in southern VT and travels regularly to NY city. She isn't practicing but she has lots of connections. Would you like to talk to her? Let me know if I can help. I'm an old time HBAC'er, of '79 & '83 vintage living in BC, Canada (and yes, I remember Diane Nicholson's twin birth!)
I am a graduagte midwife waiting to get my license in the state of Florida and as a student and a midwife assistant I have attend several VBACs and had alot of successful ones as well as failure to progress of dilation. So here in the state of Florida they have Licensed Midwives do them at home. Birth centers I believe do them but they have to have a Doctor to back them up for a research study. I am not sure about birth centers that much. and Tampa General Hospital does them in a Certified Nurse Midwive group.
So if you are in the Tampa bay area Labor of love does them and home birth licensed Midwives. In the hospital Tampa General is the only one I know that does them.

Sizzly Acevedo, Owner of Childbirth Options, LLC. Graduate Midwife, Midwife Assistant, Professional Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Counselor. ANd trying to get certified as a hypno babies doula.
I believe in the freedom of educated choice.. If you truly wish for a VBAC and your provider is unwilling..it may be time to seek out other providers, other options. Make sure they are competent and you are carefully screened for any problems. I have repasted a blog post here on my page about VBAC's in the early 80's for some history and possible interesting reading... Good luck with your birth!
Thank you.
I was seen by my OB during my 3rd pregnancy (my first 2 pregnancies both ended in c-sections) and told her I wanted to try a VBA2C- and I was declined due to their "liability insurance" . So I sought out and found a midwife to deliver me. I had a successful HBA2C. With my 4th pregnancy I wanted to establish with the OB in case there were problems and so I could get at least one ultrasound to confirm placenta placement and I was told that even though I had already had a VBAC they still couldn't allow me to deliver vaginally and that they would have to refer me to a high risk OB (I requested Dr. Landon at OSU- the author of a major study on VBAmC). I saw him and he offered me the chance to have a VBAC at OSU. I ended up declining that in favor of another HBAC, though. I still can not understand why anyone has to get permission to use their vagina as long as they are informed of the risks and willing to accept them!
It is completely insane that we need permission.....I agree:) I would love to do a home birth and it may be an option IF I deliver in Ohio. I would also have to get my husband on board. As of now it scares him to much.



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