All of this media slander and twisting of people's words leads me to one conclusion; Ricki and Abby need a TV show!

I'm posting this in a semi lighthearted way, but at the root of it, I feel like an other media outlets couldn't possibly be trusted. What the Today Show, the New York Times journalist, and the show in Australia has done to these stories, to midwives, and the people who's words and message they completely misconstrued reeks of money and manipulation.

We need some sort of "birth show" out their for mom's to watch that doesn't feature a c/section or induction ever episode, and normalizes birth in the way it was meant to be, instead of making them feel that being strapped to a bed with no choice or control during your birth experience is "safest."

In the hypnotic child birthing class I participated in, we actually advise women to completely abstain from all birth related media because it forcefully inhibits their progress. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have something to recommend?

Just a thought, or wishful thinking, but it seems media is one more avenue that we are going to have to take in to our own hands if we want OUR message to be heard. You guys did such a phenomenal job of that in BOBB, I'd love to get something like that on a regular basis!

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Wonderful idea Kate. Cara
I agree. It should be titled: "What NOT to Expect When Your Expecting". Teehee. Showing women what birth can really be like would get some great ratings! I HATE watching the "Bringing Baby" and "A Baby Story" shows.
I watched Dr. Oz's premiere show yesterday, and I wonder if he'd be willing to take on the issue of maternity care in one of his episodes. In yesterday's show, he revealed that 3/4 of the 600,000 hysterectomies performed in our country are unnecessary. As always, he encouraged taking preventative measures to avoid such an invasive procedure; getting a second opinion; and sharing this information with others.

With a Reiki healer as a wife and a physician who prides himself on taking a more holistic approach (e.g. introducing mainstream America to the neti pot on Oprah), I don't see why he personally wouldn't want to share that at least 1/2 of C-sections aren't necessary.

I've been thinking about writing a letter/e-mail to him soon. Wanna join me? Have a bigger idea that we can help each other pull off?


Live consciously for our children.
Visit and initiate positive change.
I've also been considering contacting journalist, Lisa Ling. In her words...

"I want to raise consciousness about issues and stories that don't always make the headlines. I believe that global awareness makes a person smarter and ultimately more human. I'm grossed out by what some "news" outlets masquerade as news. It seems that so many of these outlets cover international stories only when there's catastrophe or war. It's a shame."

She's covered women's issues before, and I remember a specific remark she made during an Oprah episode. The story was on women in India who are paid to be surrogates for American couples, and because the Indian woman was impregnated with an embryo from very tall, Caucasian man and his wife, Lisa and Oprah joked that the Indian woman shoud automatically request a C-section (because obviously, this baby was going to be too big for this little, Indian woman to birth vaginally).

I was actually kinda shocked at Lisa's ignorance and thought Lisa would want to know the truth behind many of births long, upheld myths.

Just sharing aloud here...
I think it never hurts to speak up and let people hear your ideas. I'd be more than willing to write Dr Oz a letter. I always hope that people will be open to being educated on new subject matter, and willing to tell the truth without worrying about the consequences. On the other hand, the pessimist in me always wonders who hands are who's pockets. Money seems to be the driving force behind what is, and is not said; if telling the truth takes away from someone's capital, they are willing to fudge it for the sake of their own checkbook.

It's so disheartening that we've forgotten about taking care of each other.
Wonderful idea!!! So many people are ignorant to what birth can really be like!!! I'm so thankful I was convicted from the beginning and therefore have had two amazing birth so far!!! I would love for other women out there to realize what we all have!!!
I would TOTALLY watch and support a show just like that. It's only fair. I mean, we have to watch hospital births all over TLC and Discovery's time to see some home birth action!
Yes! Home births, birth center births, wilderness births! :) I would even love to see some good hospital births, just nothing where I have to hear a doctor tell ANOTHER mom, "Yes lying flat on your back IS the best position for pushing." Gag me.
Thanks for your suggestion, Kate. RIcki and I are actually working with developers on two different natural birth shows. One has to do with how birth affects breast feeding and the other is more in line with what you describe. We'll keep you posted on their progress... One hurdle with TV is that many networks don't want to jeopardize relationships with advertisers like drug companies. When pitching BOBB to the different TV networks, we were told that they could not "indict the medical-industrial complex in any way." One cable network told us they would only be interested in BOBB if it were like "'Cops' with midwives." Unfortunately, most natural births are incredibly dull on camera! But we'll find a way.... Abby
"Cops' with midwives"??? What is that??? If it means that midwives would be calling out professionals who are doing more harm than good and intervening with their wisdom, than I'd watch that? :)

You know it's so funny, I consider the birthing shows that are on now boring(among other things). How many times can we watch the same scenario play out and the same problems result. I could watch natural birth all day, but I guess that's why I'm here right?

What about a show where midwives, doulas, and lactation educators assist new parents in the birth and bonding process and help trouble shooting. You could address things from common "problems" like latch, lack of sleep, jaundice etc, to things that are more complex like prematurity, multiples, and developmental problems. That would be both interesting AND educational when done with a natural approach. I think you would be able to show people that certain hurdles that you come upon, which seem too difficult and complex to deal with naturally, are actually better suited for that approach and can be successful.
Every natural birth I have seen on camera has been more beautiful and intriguing than any birth I have ever seen on the usual TLC baby shows. Why is it that when you say "natural birth", there is this assumption that you are going to"indict the medical-industrial complex"? I think that is what made BOBB so great. In the end, BOBB illustrated why we do need obstetrical care available. Oh how I would love to see more natural birth stories. I know there are plenty of us birth junkies out there to fill the audience. Good luck!
I don't find them dull! I think its more exciting! That "House of Babies" show was ALL natural births in a birth center, almost all were water births and were very entertaining! They had the mean midwife that always yelled and then the nice comforting one, they had women w/ 3 hour labors and women w/ 20 hour labors w/ back labor! Man I miss that show!!



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