All of this media slander and twisting of people's words leads me to one conclusion; Ricki and Abby need a TV show!

I'm posting this in a semi lighthearted way, but at the root of it, I feel like an other media outlets couldn't possibly be trusted. What the Today Show, the New York Times journalist, and the show in Australia has done to these stories, to midwives, and the people who's words and message they completely misconstrued reeks of money and manipulation.

We need some sort of "birth show" out their for mom's to watch that doesn't feature a c/section or induction ever episode, and normalizes birth in the way it was meant to be, instead of making them feel that being strapped to a bed with no choice or control during your birth experience is "safest."

In the hypnotic child birthing class I participated in, we actually advise women to completely abstain from all birth related media because it forcefully inhibits their progress. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have something to recommend?

Just a thought, or wishful thinking, but it seems media is one more avenue that we are going to have to take in to our own hands if we want OUR message to be heard. You guys did such a phenomenal job of that in BOBB, I'd love to get something like that on a regular basis!

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what about mtvs teen mom special but natural teen births i had one and i am now 17 and exclusively breastfeeding my 3 month old daughter after my natural birth at 16 theres gotta be other girls like me or pregnant teens who want natural but have no support.
great idea, I would definitely watch that show! I can't stand "birth day" or "a baby story", and every time they do finally get someone on the show that is "planing" to have a natural birth, they end up w/ interventions! I used to watch "House of Babies", that was a wonderful show all about natural births, water births w/ midwives at a birth center but its never on Discovery Health any more :(
Here'st he problem. Most people have medicated births. Not that this is bad, but a natural birth tends to leave people with a different feeling about birth in general. I would tend to think that moms (or producers) who have had a medicated birth would wonder what the big deal is...specifically because they have that impression with any birth.
I'd watch, for sure!
I'm so glad natural birth shows are in the works, can't wait and will keep my fingers crossed. I can't get over "Cops: with midwives" LOL!!!
i actually emailed the bestbirthadmin awhile ago to suggest this....they should seriously do it!

I absolutely love the idea! With my first child I watched Birth stories on TLC and shows like that. I think watching those shows got me really uptight and kinda scared about it. I didn't know what I was doing what to expect, where to get more info, so that is where I turned. It didn't help! shows like those are horrible to watch befor birth they're all worst case/or just women like the ones watching just not knowing enough info. knowing what I know now watching pretty much anything on Birth nowadays bugs the hell out of me! the only person that made any sense was Ricki. Also locally (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) we have a free quarterly magazine called Birth Issues which is great, it helped to make Midwifery in Alberta covered by health care.

Women in North America need more  of what Ricki and Abby can give. My second birth was much different, thanks to The Business of Being Born, I decided to look for a midwife. just finding and talking to a midwife can really make a difference in how healthy and natural a birth can be. My first birth was 20hrs with interventions I wish I didn't have, and my second was 3 hrs at home completely natural with a Midwife. Not only was it the most empowering experience but I felt much more clear minded, I healed so much faster, I actually didn't tear at all because I was able to feel and push with my body. unlike my first which I had a epidural after other pain meds didn't help I had no help from the hospital staff no real support, all they could do was check how far dilated I was and it was really discouraging. it was just too easy to get "pain" relief. so I ended up with pushing without feeling and doctor telling me I wasn't able to do it so he intervened yet again with forceps saying I was almost too small to fit a baby through my birth canal, I ended up with a second degree tear and bladder infection the next day after(due to catheter).

The difference that they could make to so many women if they could just get the message out there to a broader audience. To me it changed my life.


We need more information on Birthing from every aspect, a hospital (obgyn) birth is only for women who need it medically not for healthy women. even still OB/GYN's just can't give the emotional and spiritual support that midwifes and doulas can give. It's just not fair for those women who just don't know. even if women hear about home births and midwifes they just don't fully understand and end up being prejudice.

We need more Ricki and Abby!





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