The Home Birth Association of Ireland invited Ricki to be the keynote speaker at their "Joy of Birth" Conference in Dublin. ( She attended a fantastic Dublin screening of "The Business of Being Born" and was in London to speak at the Doula UK Awards. Ricki will be appearing on the Late Late Show and the Paul O'Grady Show as well.

Here are some press links:

Mothers-to-be turn to 'doulas' in midwife shortage | Life and style | The Observer

Ricki reveals all in bathtub scene as she bangs drum for homebirth - Around Town, Entertainment -

Homebirthing a mother of a dispute | The Daily Telegraph

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I was at the screening last night in Dublin and was completely blown away by the film. Also got slightly emotional as it was only 3 weeks since I gave birth. Amazing and Ricki was a true star and will be eagerly watching The Late Late Show tonight.
I saw Rikki at the Homebirth Association Conference in Dublin and I was blown away!

Rikki, is an amazing woman!

I have to admit to being a bit dubious about going to see an American chat show host talk about Homebirth (even though I had lived in the states for 5 years) as I'm part of the granola eating brigade...but the one thing that I always knew from the chat shows was that Rikki wasn't like the others, she was always kind and sensitive to her audience/participants and it always seemed she cared!

It was so amazing to watch a snip of the "Business of being born" in Dublin (didn't get to see the full screening but just ordered the DVD and will get all my girlfriends together to watch it).

I'm 7 months pregnant with my first child and full of emotions and I was in tears (with my yoga teacher holding my hand) when I saw her give birth in the bath at home. It was so beautiful, intimate and moving.

Rikki is inspiring, upfront, honest and truly cares about women having great experiences in life and I just want to thank her for coming all the way over to our emerald isle to share her life, stories and heart!
I saw Ricki at the Doula UK "Doula of the Year" Awards - I missed the Paul O'Grady show but I'm told she did well! We were gutted that she didn't mention doulas though ;-) Maybe next time Ricki? :)



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