My sister was inspired by my two births- one at home, and one at our midwife's newly build birth center- NOT attached to a hospital. She is now in her first trimester, and has been searching and searching for a midwife or birth center in San Diego CA who will do VBACs, with no luck! Anyone have any knowledge about natural birth in San Diego, and where she can find someone? She already has two boys, her first was an unwanted c-section, and her second was a vaginal- she had to fight with her doctor for 10 HOURS to keep him from doing another c-section! Now she wants to do her third with a midwife who won't pressure her to do a c-section.

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I had a friend who delivered with this group and loved her experience. She lived in San Clemente. I do not know if they will do VBAC but it's worth asking. Good luck!
She should see Dr. Biter in Encinitas. Currently delivering out of Scripps Encinitas and opening a birth center in May.

Good luck!
Hey thanks so much! I'll email her the info...anything helps...
I agree Dr Biter in Encinitas, he's the best!
All of the homebirth midwives do VBACs here in San Diego! None of the birth centers do VBACs. In any case, there are over 15 midwives down here , so she should interview them to see whom she connects with...
Nicole Morales, CPM
dr biter... 760.642.0800
please let your sister know she will most likely have long waits to see him but he's worth it. also... you can look up his profile here in my best birth... even send him a message. search dr. Robert biter
i live in san diego and went to a free standing birth center im not sure if they do vbac's or not but they have an awesome staff very homey feeling it is called best start birth center not sure were in san diego she is looking for but its worth a try here is the link for their website
I'm not positive but have heard good things about Mary Birtch hospital. As for any classes, I took Bradley with Jan Whitcomb in San Diego and she is absolutely awesome!!! She has something like 30 years experience and also knows tons and tons of midwifes and knows all the best hospitals in San Diego.
Hi Sara --

Good luck to your sister in her quest . . . like some of the other posters said, the birth centers in San Diego don't do VBACS, due to either state or city regulations. The hospitals will, but it's very doctor dependent about how VBAC friendly they are. I would avoid Mary Birch -- known as a C-section factory, but the Scripps hospitals have good reputations. If your sister is comfortable with a home birth, ALL the home birth midwives do VBACs, and San Diego is very home-birth friendly, with lots of doctors routinely backing up the midwives and hospitals close by if she is concerned. Jan Whitcomb was my Bradley class teacher too, and a great resource for everything VBAC in the city. Good luck!
Mary Birch does not do VBACs... Mary Birch is an awesome Hospital if you are in a 'risk' catagory... but don't plan on it being the way you want it... even with a birth plan in hand... thier policy seems to be- the second you aren't progressing the way they think you should- their rules kick in. There is also a policy on fetal monitoring... which hampers being able to 'walk' through it or move too far from the bed. And while they are wonderful about it and very sweet, it can quickly be out of your hands.

Grossmont however does do VBACs... and Dr. C. Hamilton Steele gave me my best shot at going for it... And this was on Sharp Healthcare. He's very sweet and listens and is very informative about the reason he thinks the way he does. I felt good and safe. But with all things- ask lots of questions of your Dr... because you can do all the research and everything will point to the same answer... but then your Dr has a different feeling about something and doesn't do it that way... It comes down to spending the time to advocate for yourself... something most of us don't know to do until after our first baby.
Check out, Natural Baby Pros: They are based in San Diego.

I believe the co-founder and owner Jen Aliano is a member here too :)

Best wishes!




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