Here is the story in short: I am 28 weeks with my second baby. My firstborn DD is 2.5y. In this pregnancy, we decided to hire a wonderful midwife and are planning for a homebirth. So far everything has been going great: good fetal movement, my urine/blood tests are very good, excellent blood pressure, good nutrition- all you can ask for in a pregnancy. Except weight gain: I have gained 32lb already, which is exactly what I gained by the END of my first pregnancy. I still have 3 months to go. The funny thing is, i fit into all my pre-preg jeans, just can't button them up! Yesterday I met with the ob/gyn who is a backup for our midwife. After talking to me and checking me he asked if I had the 20 wks diagnostic US. Now, we had a 6weeks US, which was good and normal and then decided not to have the diagnostic one for many reasons. So this ob/gyn tells me that since I have gained so much weight, I may be carrying twins!!! and should go and have US immediately. Now, my understanding is that if you see only one baby at 6 weeks, there should still be one at 28 weeks right? I don't really want to go for another US, and don't really have the money to do it anyway. My midwife says not to worry too much, but since being scared by the doc, I started feeling fetal movement all over my belly, 3 places at the same time. now I know it must be just the paranoia and fear in my mind...anyone can relate or advise? Thanks!

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You can feel movement in 3 different places at once even if there's just one baby in there :) Sometimes they can be extremely active. Each pregnancy is different, and you will carry each one in unique ways, which may be why you still fit into your jeans. As long as you are eating healthy and you midwife doesn't have any concerns, I don't think you should be worried. If you are carrying twins, would that change any of your plans? Are you willing to do the ultrasound just to check for multiples? Your midwife can also check for more than one heartbeat at your next prenatal visit. It's not a guarantee to rule out twins, but it could help put your mind at ease. I've had thoughts of having twins with each of my pregnancies, and I always get comments about the size of my pregnant belly, but I've only had single births with all 5 pregnancies. I even had crazy dreams about birthing twins. It's easy to get your mind worked up about things. Try doing some relaxation like focused breathing, meditation, listening to calming music, or praying if you do that. Calm yourself and then reassess your feelings without the panic the doctor's comments triggered. Try to check in with your body and focus within yourself to see how you really feel about it, deep down, and go from there. I hope that makes sense.
I would agree, unless you would change your plans, why would you do an ultrasound? In fact, I've heard of women who were sure that they would be carrying twins but chose not to confirm it with an ultrasound lest they "risk out" of their midwives care. Talk about this with your midwife. Ask her if she is capable of delivering a surprise twin. Not to mention, I believe that fundal height is a better indication of multiples than is weight gain. Also, from what you've said, you've had a picture perfect pregnancy, so, even if there are two babes in there, you've done an excellent job taking care of them and an ultrasound isn't going to change that. There are other ways to confirm multiples other than US. And if he can't confirm that way (or if you'd rather not know), then he'll have to let you let nature take her sweet course.
Thank you for the encouragement, Cheryl and Emily!

My midwife is very very experienced and has helped moms birth many sets of twins. She is also a breech birth instructor for our area teaching courses to other MWs. She is not bothered a bit by a surprise twin making appearance at birth, but she also doubts that one will in my case.
Having come to terms with my own fears, I am only bothered by one thought: what if there are 2 babies and they are monochorionic? There is virtually a guarantee that their cords will entangle before birth and baby A may pull the placenta out before baby B is out.
So i have to do more research on this, and ask questions.
The chances of missing a twin at a 6 week US is slim. And while an US is the most common way to formally diagnose twins, there are many other indications. You would have been measuring bigger throughout your entire PG not just all of a sudden now. It has more to do with your fundal measurements being "large for date" through your entire PG not just how many pounds you have gained. Plus, since a baby has 2 legs and 2 arms you can feel movements in four places at once with only one baby. Also, both heartbeats can usually be heard at some point. And if your MW is experienced she can feel the different parts and would most likely feel more than one baby at some point, esp with you being as far along as you are.

The chances that the "twin" was invisible at the 6 wk US, has a HB that exactly matches the other baby every time it is checked, cannot be felt by your MW, and has not caused you to measure large for date in all this time is almost zero. Is is possible but very, very unlikely. If the only indication that you might be carrying twins is that you have gained a few more pounds than the chart says you should I would not worry. Weight gain is more when you carry twins, but by itself is NOT a symptom of twins. Skip the US. Save your money :)



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