I have an almost 5 year old who would be ready for kindergarten this fall and she was never vaccinate. My question is this: what paperwork or route does a parent have to go to enroll a child who wasn't vaccinate? What questions will the school want answered? And no, I'm not vaccinating my child just to get her into school (I would assume there is a way around that). Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Every state has slightly different exemptions which are allowed for your child to attend school un-vaccinated. Here are some of the forms by state http://www.unhinderedliving.com/statevaccexemp.html
If you are in the NYC area Dr. Lawrence Palevsky presents wonderful lectures regarding vaccines. http://www.drpalevsky.com/
A good response to your question is also at Mothering Magazine's website http://www.mothering.com/sections/experts/fisher-archive.html
For overall vaccine information chek out the National Vaccine Information Center at http://www.nvic.org/
Hope this is helpful.
My son is not vaccinated as well, I have already called the shcool and let them know about it. All I had to do was sign a couple (3) more forms and that was pretty much it. Ofcourse the nurse gave me the whole "It is important for children to be vaccinated" thing. I just smiled and signed and was out the door. He starts pre-k in Sept.
My child is also starting school with same situation. We went and got a medical exemption form signed but most states allow for a religious exemption. And this term is pretty loose. You can obtain the forms needed online but I just got them from the school nurse. She had an extra one, specifically for this school, for us to sign to show we understand that an unvaxed child will miss up to 25 days of school if a vax-preventable disease comes into the school. (which still won't make me vax! I don't mind having my kids home with me if need be). Anyway, so just tell your school nurse that you need the vaccination exemption forms and that's it. You do not need to be questioned about your decision nor do you need to explain your decision to her. It is not up for debate in other words. She has a legal obligation to provide you with the forms without question just in case they try! Good luck!
My daughter is 6 & is not vaccinated at all (never a poke!) And she is in 1st grade now & my oldest daughter is 8 (2nd grade) and we stopped Vaxing after a serious reaction at her 9 mo. apt. So she hasn't had one since.
We used to Home school, but they are both now enrolled in school here in California. All we had to do was fill out a waiver. There are many reasons for exemption you can give. Religious, philosophical, medical, ect. Even though we have strong moral reasons (biblical) for not Vaccinating, I went with Medical when it came to dealing with the school. It was just easier. I simply said that my daughter had a reaction as an infant, and our Dr. agreed it was too risky for another. Period.
Now I believe we did originally have tohave a note or form filled out from our Dr. (who is very holistic & AP minded & Natural Medicine oriented) that basically stated the same thing. But that was 2 years ago & we have never had any other questions, or issues.
It's really quite simple. If you stick to your guns & don't allow yourself to be pressured or bullied.
Having done your research/homework helps to equip you for confrontation as well.
Thank you all so very much for the helpful information, it sure does lift some stress off my shoulders in terms of what options are available and what my rights are.
My situation was slightly different. In a move I lost my sons vaccination paperwork and refused to get him double vaccinated. All I had to do in both WA and in AZ after we moved down here was sign a paper that said due to personal reasons my son was not vaccinated. If there is an outbreak of the flu or some other disease then you will have to keep your child at home.
I also have not vaccinated my children and when she began kindergarten I had to sign a waiver. There are three exemptions. 1(medical 2)relegious and 3)philosophical. Children do not have to be vaccinated in order to attend public school.
In CA you just sign a waiver. No warning, no threats. Just one form.
Thanks for all this helpful information everyone. I am the first time mother of my three month old daughter and am not planning on vaccinating. I appreciate this forum so much!
It always helps to hear from others who share common experiences. My daughter is 9 months old and her lack of vaccinations is still a hot topic for friends and family to comment on. Just the other day my mother stated that my daughter wouldnt be able to go to school without them. I havent researched it yet, I live in Idaho, but I will soon. A friend of mine belonged to a group called Vaccination Liberation--I am sure there is a website although I dont have the address to post here.
Thanks for the encouragement--it doesnt seem as scary now.
My dad gets so nervous about my girls not getting vaccinated. I've learned to just not talk about it at all. If he asks I will broach the subject, otherwise, I offer no information.

www.nvic.org is another great site.
You've already gotten all the advice you need it seems, but I just wanted to say that it should never be an issue and if anyone bullies or threatens you, THEY are in the wrong. I thankfully have never had an issue, my daughters go to private school currently in California.



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