Hello all, I am posting to get some advice and communal alarm on how a friend of a friend

was treated in the hospital. I apologize for not having the specifics of the story but I do know that after a long labor, induction then C-section, the friend's friend was sent home with an open C-section cut. There was an infection, then antibiotics, the sutures didn't hold. She was then told there was nothing more they could do. She would have to go home with gauze and ointment and let the opening heal one layer at a time from the inside out.


This is the first time I have heard anything like this. Horrible. Luckily, she is now able to nurse the baby and he is doing quite well.


Any suggestions of anykind from anyone on ways to help her heal. And how often does this happen?

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Glad she's healing nicely.  The blend will still assist with no scarring, as well as, assisting her body to process the emotions connected to having the surgery.  Thank you for the compliment and for retaining my information.



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