Hello all, I am posting to get some advice and communal alarm on how a friend of a friend

was treated in the hospital. I apologize for not having the specifics of the story but I do know that after a long labor, induction then C-section, the friend's friend was sent home with an open C-section cut. There was an infection, then antibiotics, the sutures didn't hold. She was then told there was nothing more they could do. She would have to go home with gauze and ointment and let the opening heal one layer at a time from the inside out.


This is the first time I have heard anything like this. Horrible. Luckily, she is now able to nurse the baby and he is doing quite well.


Any suggestions of anykind from anyone on ways to help her heal. And how often does this happen?

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OMG!!! How awful, I'm so sorry for her. =( I wish I had something helpful to say but I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you T.Hill every thought and prayer helps.
I didn't have this experience with a C-section, but did have the experience ten years ago when my appendix was removed. The incision became infected twice, and they finally removed the stitches and left the wound open, covered with gauze, and we cleaned it twice daily with ointment/q-tips. It sounded crazy, but it healed up very well - my scar is small. It's amazing what the body can do. It sounds horrible, but I think she will heal quite well as long as she keeps it clean.

I honestly have never heard of anything like this. My sister 3 months ago had a c-section and when she came home she did notice extra skin hanging out of her incision. A bad smell was also coming from that area and she got a rash. When she went to that OB who performed that c-section they told her that was normal. I personally do not find that normal. Just a few words here. hope they help.

This happened to a friend of mine also. She came home from the hospital after her c section and went back in due to infection.  They had to pack her open wound with gauze when she returned home from hospital. She was on a lot of pain killer and has a hard time remebering those first few weeks with her baby due to all the pain she was in and medication she was on.

This is actually extremely common. I hear about it all the time. It's one of those things that people don't usually mention when they are talking about their c-sections.


When it happened to me, it was after I was already home. It really is no big deal to the doctors; they see it every day. I had to make a big fuss just to get an appointment to see someone. My husband had to clean my wound 4-6 times a day and pack it with gauze. It took a couple of months to heal but eventually everything was okay. But in the meantime, it was really traumatic, demoralizing, and gross. I am glad I have a kind husband who did not mind taking care of me in that way.


I would tell your friend she might want to get in touch with her local ICAN group. They are great for processing feelings after a cesarean and also for advice on some of the physical stuff.

Thank you Blair and everyone else that has shared their stories and experiences. It has been enormously helpful. I will pass the info on.

It is much appreciated.

Keely LMT

p.s. I want to also share this site www.renew-pt.com. I share an office space with a physical therapist that practices this type of work. The part on C-sections caught my eye, could be helpful for a ton of people.

I don't know if this type of thing is for smaller wounds or not, but my FIL had this sort of V.A.C. therapy after his majorly traumatic abdominal surgery that needed to heal from the inside out. Homecare was able to manage the wound from his home!


Maybe insurance would cover?



My mom went through this after giving birth, she says they never explained to her why she was sent home with an open c-section and that it took over 3 months for her to start to heal. I didn't understand it either, but I hear its very common, my prayers are with your friend.
Thank you!

Hi Keely,


What is the update with your friend? Is the incision still open?  My company creates an All-Purpose Aromatherapy Blend to assist c-section incision healing.  See if that can assist.  See link below, and please contact me if you have any questions about the product.


All the best,



Hi Nicole,

I hear she is healing nicely. Thank goodness. I will pass your info on to her (and keep it for myself too). Love what you're doing.

Thank you!



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